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LG G8 ThinQ - Bluetooth connections The default setting makes phone able to connect to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. I never in my life want that as an option. One connection...
0 Jji1990 0 5
Sony Xperia L1 - Problems with paper coming out at the side Hi there got this yesterday and I got the tray out from the side to put nano sim there’s two bit of paper hanging from it that won’t go in...
0 Dannyboy23 0 2
Ulefone Armor 5 - Activate slot 2 tf card I've tried to go into memory_ storage and it back s me out. How do I activate TF card for extended memory
0 Wheeler 0 9
Ulefone Armor 5 - Screenshot? How to take a screenshot
0 Wheeler 0 11
Ulefone Armor 3 - How to close open app s I have a number of applications open and can't find how to close them down
0 Wheeler 0 6
Realme X2 Pro - Change home screen Hello,how can I change the home screen?RegardsTom 
0 Tom 0 12
Cubot J7 - Notification light when any messages or notifications come through light doesnt come on light works when on charge
0 Maggeo 0 7
Ulefone Armor 3 - can't make calls when I have put my simcard in I reboot and call top up number it comes up but then a pop UUP comes up saying mobile network not available and cuts...
0 doris 0 9
Ulefone Armor 6E - Screenshot stops saving When I trying to save a screenshot a notification "Saving screenshot..." may stay forever and no screenshot will be taken. It works as expected in...
0 Alexey 0 11
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - Photos download I want to offload my photos onto my laptop div hat I can save them onto my external drive along with years worth of photos for safety - how can I...
0 Redheadedbird 0 13
Blackview A60 - How to make a call Inserted an 02 pay as you go sim card into phone all my contacts are there but when I try to make a call it says mobile network not available...
0 stephanie 0 13
Doogee S60 Lite - Chinese Scam Robo Calls I've started to get Chinese scam calls hijacking UK mobile numbers. Which if I don't answer go to voicemail. Can I disable voicemail for the moment?
0 Tt10 0 7
Ulefone Note 7P - phone is connected to WiFi Try to make callphone tells me No mobile signal connect to a WiFi.The phone is connected already and the phone is set to WiFi call 
0 Addison 0 19
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 - My storage is always full. I have 64GB on my phone and until a month ago i was only using like 30 GB.I started getting a lot of bug reports which had like 30-200 MB and I was...
0 RegiLord 0 19
0 RegiLord 0 17
Cubot X19 - Can not unlock phone I set up finger print recognition and a password but my phone seems to be frozen and is not allowing me to access it 
0 Rachel86 0 20
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 - MIUI 11 NOT RUNNING The phone is ON, detects mobile network an wi-fi home network, BUT MIUI 11 doesn't show nothing else beyond page 4th. It does not show the starting...
0 Canis17 0 22
Blackview A60 - Corrupt stock rom? Hello one and all,I flashed a stock rom for a friend who had forgotten his login pattern and am left with some Chinese characters in the top right...
0 Wibble 0 34
Blackview A80 Pro - Auto Power On/Off I do not seem to have auto power on/off on my setting on the above phone.  Can you please help with this problem. Mungo
0 Mungo 0 21
Blackview BV9600 Pro - Connect BV9600 to Samsung S3 Watch I would like to connect my phone to a smart watch (BV9600 Samsung S3). The standard method doesn't seem to work. Is there a solution?
0 BaileyK 0 14
Ulefone Armor 5 - texting when i copy and paste a text to the same person. it dose not paste that copy but another text has been pasted in the text box. to open my...
0 rolster 0 19
Leagoo M9 - Screen touch Hello, I broke my screen glass and since then my touch is not working right. By that I mean, if I touch one letter on my keyboard it types...
0 Amra 0 20
Blackview A60 - Messaging Receiving text messages but unable to send replies. It says not sent. Tap to retry 
0 Sally 0 29
Cubot Max 2 - il mio interlocutore non può sentirmi io mi connetto al mio interlocutore, io sento la sua voce ma lui non sente la mia voce !!!per una vostra risposta alla mia email  ...
0 Navarro45 0 23
LG K50 - LG K 50 is fully charged bit wont turn on LG K 50 is fully charged bit wont turn on
0 JoeK 0 22
Ulefone Armor 3W - Antenna Will it do anything if I put the antenna I bought on the armor 3w?
0 Jasonhgghf 0 17
Sony Xperia L3 - Timed out live conversations Whenever I am talking - regardless of incoming or outgoing calls, after a few minutes my phone starts a ticking noise and then the recipient cannot...
0 Denise166 0 23
Cubot Max 2 - il mio interlocutore non può sentirmi Dopo a connettermi con il mio interlocutore, io sento la sua voce, ma lui non sente la mia voce. Grazie !
0 Navarro45 0 24
Samsung Galaxy A10 - How to answer Whatapp when stuff on screen? When the screen has other stuff  on it and a call comes in, nowhere can I find how to answer it?
0 Tabitha 0 22