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Samsung Galaxy A41 - Lock Screen add info How do I add information to the lock screen? I've put details in Owner Information but they have not appeared on the Lock Screen. Solved
1 RoMo5 1 4
Doogee N20 - The device does not turn on or charge This is a new device I bought. It does not work. I tried to charge it and it also did not work. (The device is cold when charging) What is the...
1 GUN 1 21
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite - Need to remove record icon from incall menu Need remove record icon from incall automatically touch with ear and is bad for my call and me.please give help to remove from incall...
1 Mahesh 1 9
Cubot P30 - Service Centre I had a problem with my phone (in pristine condition) so i sent it away to the service Centre they told me it was the main board so they replaced...
1 Johhnyshank 1 9
Blackview A80 Pro - Adjust notification volume Not sure how but a few days ago the volume of my notifications has dropped down quiet and I can't work out how to raise it up again?
1 Technotwat 1 11
Ulefone Armor 3W - may i know have sell this type of screw hi . i looking for this screw swt for ulfone armous 3w may i know where  get sell ? 
1 mandalin890 1 22
Ulefone Armor - Mobile data disconnected/ not working Just purchased the Ulfone Armor 7e but the mobile data appears not to be connected.  I have checked with my provider and tried the sim in...
1 Cardiffman 1 10
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro - How can activate auto call recording without tap call record button every c I want to know how can use auto call record function. I have to record every call by tabing in dialer pad button 
1 brijmohansingh3 1 32
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - MMS setting Hi there, i just purchased redmi note 9 from redmi note 4s. i am very struggle set up about MMS setting!my old phone able to receive / send MMS...
1 Pink7Diver 1 21
Ulefone Armor 3W - help how to change the battery on my ulefone3w
1 sylviaW2 1 21
Samsung Galaxy A31 - Default PDF viewer How do I set the default PDF viewer on the Samsung Galaxy A31? I have a scanner app that asks me every time with which app I want to open a PDF, I...
1 tani 1 20
Blackview A60 - WiFi calling Just purchased the a60 but mobile coverage is poor in my area so can the a60 use WiFi calling and if so how do I get it to work? 
1 Andyg 1 28
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro - Missing EDIT icon on status bar shortcuts... Hello... i dont have EDIT icon on status bar shortcut.... so it is impossible to add or remove any shortcut toggle... 
3 valjak 3 55
Oukitel C15 Pro - When can I expect a Manual Please notify me when there's a Manual for Oukitel C15.Thanks for your time.
0 jj622s418 0 17
LG K61 - Always on Display LG K61 How do I activate Always on Display for my digital clock etc. on my LG K61?Or is it not possible?
1 Jasin13 1 34
Doogee S68 Pro - open I want to remplesment the LCD but I cannot open is not video any were or manual to open can you help me out
1 Doonet2020 1 12
Blackview A80 Pro - i want to buy it Please advice me should i buy it or not.Thanks
1 fli 1 13
Umidigi S3 Pro - not connecting with Outlook and Gmail in intune company portal umidigi s3 pro is not connecting with Outlook and Gmail in intune company portal. I need help
0 henrymbah 0 20
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro - adding a calendar Hi,so I have synchronised the school calendar on my google usually coems automatically updated on my mobile.. however this time round...
1 DeborahCampbell 1 19
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite - Mobile data activation icon absent in quick launch bar The mobile data activation icon in the quick launch bar is absent how can one edit the quick launch bar?
1 Johnson 1 16
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max - Quick settings edit option missing I don't have the edit option in the quick settings when pulled down from top. How to enable it?
1 Sathish2601 1 53
Oukitel WP5 Pro - , Proximity Sensor wp5 pro Not work or how it work... Click on the screen as you talk 
5 Ori1989 5 32
Alcatel 1C (2019) - Disabled permission message I have been trying to add contacts on my Alcatel c1 phone but keep getting a disabled permission message. How can i fix this  
1 Yeti1944 1 19
Blackview BV9900 - Activating Depth Camera (orange) How to activate the depth camera, the one with orange rim? Activating underwater mode is still using standard lens...
1 simonoc 1 26
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max - SOS switch How do i turn off the SOS once i have activated it? 
1 Yagami 1 27
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - notifications led Hi, can you please tell me how can i activate notifications led on the screen lock of the phone.Thank you
1 geopan1969 1 45
Samsung Galaxy A01 - Forgot password I have forgotten my home screen password and holding down the power key and volume key is not working to rest. Please help. Thank you! 
1 AmbysHooch 1 20
Homtom C2 - How to turn off Homtom C2 power on tone? My Homtom C2 always plays an annoying tone whenever I turn it on and I need help with turning it off cos I really do not need the phone to play any...
1 Akt 1 28
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Charging port replacement I am trying to replace the charging port in my wp5 pro. Can you give me some dissasembly inatructions?
0 ChadMc 0 24
Blackview BV9500 Plus - ring tone is always on 0 the phone is a few month old.....the ring volume always go down to 0 ...i have to look every second day...1 day is ok, but at the second day the...
5 bernd 5 37