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Doogee S90 - Removing lock screen pattern without loss of data I would like to know if there is a way to bypass my lock screen pattern lock without resetting the device as I have forgotten it
0 Jackdodson 0 4
Samsung Galaxy A20 - How to get out of safe mode My phone is stuck in safe mode I've reset it turned it off everything with no luck
0 Doradora 0 7
Doogee N20 - Cannot access mobile data My Doogee N20 will not access the the Sky Mobile Data Network in the UK!My previous Doogee X5 Pro worked perfectly until Doogee decided to stop...
0 KrishnaShiv 0 6
Huawei Y5 (2019) - Shematic Diagram to repair huawei y5 2019 (32Gb - 2Gb RAM) Plz Sir can you send to me a link or a pdf file of the shematic diagram to repair huawei y5 2019 (32Gb - 2Gb RAM).And think you <3 <3
0 AdamAdolpf 0 12
Ulefone Note 7 - Firmware issue Hi, I'm having problems running antivirus software on my note7, it shuts down whenever another app runs or when the phone is off! Kaspersky has had...
0 Cheese 0 14
Doogee S90 Pro - How can I enable the below missing options on my Doogee S90 Pro? The following Options doesn't exist on my Settings:DisplayColorsAmbient displayDevice themeWhen device is in VRSecurity/Lock Screen PreferencesShow...
0 Nesnag 0 9
emporia SMART.3 - Cannot activate screen I am trying to se up. It has been working with calls and phone book but now it will not switch on with the on/off button. If I hold the buttom down...
0 BaylyGordonBayly 0 8
emporia SMART.3 - The screen has gone black I am setting up for the first time.I have had the home screen working and added a few contacts. Now the screen has gone black and will not activate...
0 BaylyGordonBayly 0 11
Ulefone Armor 3W - No text Not receiving all my my text
0 Rwcj1 0 9
Ulefone Note 7P - Phone won't charge My little sister got the Ulefone for Christmas. It's been a cracking little bit of kit thus far, but today it died and now won't charge at all....
0 Digibro 0 22
Oukitel K9 - Menu Where is the menu button so that I can display apps alphabetically?
0 Tacol 0 12
Ulefone Note 7P - no 4G i don't seem to get 4G, i know the carrier has 4G mobile data, i had bad reception in the mountain region, so i set preferred network type to 3G,...
0 papa 0 10
Blackview P2 - Camera and flash not working My camera and flash have stopped working, says that I cannot access the camera or flash. I have rebooted, add another camera app nothing works
0 Darylp 0 7
Doogee S68 Pro - Is it possible to use a downloaded mp3 clip as a ringtone? I have downloaded an mp3 clip.When I go to settings - sounds- phone ringtone - +add ringtone - select the downloaded mp3.It says unable to add...
0 Oliberry 0 19
Doro 1370 - Tones Need louder and longer message tone.How can I do it
0 Royston 0 8
Vkworld S8 - microphone after dropping my phone the microphone does not work
0 kirkgrain 0 13
Coolpad Legacy 5G - No longer can sign in at one of my works open wifi My work has a few diff types of wifi secured open. We have an open wifi for our event arena I have always been able to connect to you select it...
0 Hicky69 0 11
Blackview BV4000 Pro - The rear camera doesn’t work The rear camera doesn’t open and the torch has disappeared what can I do to get them back 
0 Anneireland 0 11
AGM X3 - Hi! I have managed to crack the screen of my 'unbreakable' AGM X3. I have received the replacement screen from the phone supplier here in Australia, Rugged Phones Australia. However no one is willing to do the...
0 Coxy 0 21
Cubot P30 - Menu button missing I upgraded by phone from Cubot P20 to Cubot P30 and there are icons missing from the main screen including 'menu', 'contacts' and...
0 ChrissieW 0 11
Ulefone Armor 6 - Some of my contacts try to call me and it just rangs once, and hang up. When some of my contatcs try to call me, it rings once, and then just hangs up. It's not all of my contacts, just a few of them... If I dont...
0 Nodic 0 17
Oukitel C12 - Telephone calls When I make a call the person on the other end cannot hear me. I have purchased two of these phones and t  the problem is the same on...
0 jmcmul15 0 15
Cubot X19 - Bluetooth and Xender passwords My phone is always asking for a Bluetooth and Xender passwords when I open them and it's new, I haven't set the passwords
0 Thadius 0 13
Ulefone Note 7 - Transfer photos HiI've plugged my phone into my laptop so I can transfer photos store on my phone. The ulefone image appears on my PC- when I click on it it says...
0 Loulouv 0 30
Umidigi F1 - Every time I make or receive a phone call it goes straight to loud speaker I have tried restarting my phone, restoring phone to factory settings, checking for updates, but nothing has helped fix the problem.
0 SamT1999 0 21
Doogee S68 Pro - insert sim card Insert sim into sim slot on s68 
0 admin529 0 57
Samsung Galaxy A70 - 2 copies of sent email appear in my send folder. I have a Galaxy A70.  For my email I use Windows 10.  I don't know why, but whenever I send out and email, 2 copies appear in my Sent...
0 Grace 0 21
Doogee S95 Pro - Volume problem HelloThe call volume is low , once i call someone he did not hear me wellI used to put the call volume to max from setting menu but i still have...
0 Aowis 0 68
MobiWire Pegasus - my phone is not wanting to get on i had this phone for 2years nd now whn it fall now is no longer woking 
0 zoya 0 8
Ulefone Armor 5 - usb usb drivers to connect to laptop
0 Proeto 0 20