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Blackview A60 Pro - Screen On receiving a call, I tried to answer it but the phone put a green square on the icon and said "answer phone" it didn't answer and every icon I...
1 Selina 1 12
Oppo A52 - Hide caller id Could you please tell me how to hide my caller id on oppoa52 
1 Dimi 1 10
Cubot King Kong - No text sound? Hi! I have all sounds/notifications turned on and I get a sound when I receive an email, but when I receive a text There is only a visual...
1 Chelly 1 22
Blackview BV9500 Plus - Can't send or receive picture text messages Hi...calls, internet, text messages. Everything seems to be working on my new phone. But I cannot send and receive picture messages. I use the...
1 BigTee 1 15
Blackview BV9900 Pro - Delayed SMS and MMS Incoming text messages are delayed until I open the messaging app. Currently on Verizon and using messages Plus. Worked on all previous phones.
3 Ysipuew 3 16
Blackview A60 - Help I have set up phone have internet .Facebook okay followed set up directions as phone said But I can't send\receive emails or phone calls help
1 Buttins 1 14
Blackview BV5500 - Shaky and duplicate screen Bottom of the screen shakes and then the screen will be split, too half normal but bottom half a duplicate of too half
3 Sbundy89 3 26
Blackview A80 Pro - Voicemail How do I retrieve my voicemail on my unlocked A80 Pro? T-Mobile is my carrier and to get my V/M I should push 1. On the A80 Pro I'm to push *86....
1 Allforphun 1 14
Doogee Y7 - Battery not charging I had no problems with the phone since this morning. I put the phone as always on the charger last night. This morning it was totally dead....
4 Psalm119 4 20
Willful Fitness Armband - Doesn’t hold a charge My device no longer holds a charge. It went from me charging it once a week, down to once a day, down to before bed and in the morning, to now it... Solved
2 Ericab06 2 14
Oukitel C12 Pro - New screen Can you give instruction on where I can get a new screen fitted.
1 como 1 13
Cubot X20 Pro - help center Can anyone give me a contact number for Cubot phone problems ..because the number and email support on their web site don't answer any emails.
1 fethiye18 1 25
Cubot X20 Pro - call quality Hi, can anyone tell me how to fix my problem as in when someone phones me the quality of the call drops off as in the caller can't hear what i am...
3 fethiye18 3 24
Doro 6620 - How do I connect to wifi? How do I connect the phone to wifi? I need to be able to download picture messages. 
1 MicaPowick 1 22
Doogee X95 - Widgets Where do I find the widgets & how do I put them on the phone screen 
1 jsjswood 1 46
Medion E4506 - Camera not working When I open the camera it says ‘connection error. Can’t connect to the camera’ 
1 Millie 1 16
Blackview BV9900 Pro - WhatsApp Notifications to my BV Smartwatch I have synced my BV9900 Pro to my BV Smart Watch and receive messages to my watch but can't get WhatsApp messages.  How do I set this up so...
1 Paxo 1 27
Doogee Y9 Plus - Internet settings and sim cards I am not able to use it for internet. Please send me the settings if it's problem.On the specifications you this phone has two sim cards which is...
1 Leoto 1 28
Doogee S68 Pro - Receive some sms not others I'm in NZ on the Spark network. I receive most messages but others never turn up at all! Thoughts?
9 MattV 9 62
Oukitel WP2 - Can Android 6 Installed on it? Hi.I have Oukitel WP5 (which is based on WP2) with Android 9 Pie.I dont like Android 9 at all. Can Android 6 Marshmellow be installed on it? I dont...
4 Ira_Kodich 4 20
Huawei P Smart+ - Automatic wallpaper changing I'd like for my wallpaper to change regularly and automatically from a specific folder of photo's, but I can't find a way to do this. Is it...
1 Ivkipositivki 1 18
Homtom H5 - Do not disturb How do I switch off "do not disturb" also change keyboard? On HomTom50
1 Brian1997 1 34
Samsung Galaxy A11 - Clock has wrong time I dont know how to change the clock time  its one hour fast. Thank you  
1 Girlwhoneedshelp 1 26
Uhans H5000 - Simcard Hello, How can i open my smartphone? I want to install a simcard. Greatings Larry Solved
2 larry 2 17
Cubot J7 - Incoming call display problem. When I get an incoming call on my Cubot J7 phone, it does not display the incoming caller ID. Nothing at all appears on the display (apart... Solved
3 wolosp 3 61
Huawei Y5p - Not able to open app store and deleted contact hi,My phone started to shut down and not able to open it. i thought it was a battery issue, then i change the battery but all my contact was...
0 nadjah002 0 32
Alcatel 1V (2020) - Adding widgets Hello all,I bought Alcatel 1v for my mom yesterday.I cant find how I can add widgets on screen?! I wanna add weather and clock widget on...
1 nnnesa 1 16
Cubot X19 - Can't hear caller After a few minutes I cannot hear My caller. I can hear them. If they call back it's ok for a few minutes it happens again.
1 Uncledick 1 35
Ulefone Note 7 - Find call logs Hi   Where do I find call logs    Please can someone help   Thanks
1 bigyin59 1 43
Ulefone Note 7 - Delete a blocked contact Is it possible to delete a contact I have blocked from the blocked list and contacts and the Number still be blocked? Please help Solved
1 Muze 1 38