After purchasing a wireless docking to charge the phone as soon as we put the phone onto the charging station it switched off and now will not come back on.



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Dear Rubyroobster. Did you find solution to start your Doogee S68 Pro? I have the same problem? Looking how to solve it.



did any1 find the solution to fix the no boot problem after activating wireless reverse charge.??


Have you already tried forcing the device to start?

To do this, press and hold the Power button for at least 10 seconds.



Yes I have tried that already for a couple of times now. I am online now looking for solutions. The problem started when I activated my reverse charge function. It just said not supported then it switched off.


I mean I have had the phone for only a week and half and it crashed. I am all the way across the world.

Have you already tried charging the device all night?


I have also tried that too...Charging the device over night that is.



Did you finally find the solution for a no start or its a technical problem which requires technicians to work on it? I am still stuck with a phone that will not turn on and the costs to ship it back for repairs are not worth it.


I also have the same issue with my S68 Pro. I bought it online, from Hong Kong, so no chance of me sending it back for repairs. I also tried every thing I can think of. Very annoying. Can we (you) not inform Doogee about this obviously common flaw - maybe spare tons of people from stepping in the same heap of Doogee?

Hi fred!

Unfortunately there are no other approaches to force the phone to start or something like that, except the solutions mentioned above.

I can imagine that a return shipment exceeds the costs.

I'm afraid that I have no further idea.



so were am i sending it? back to my seller or what, alternatively I take it you represent the company? where are you based.

hello fred. no, we don't represent the company! we are an independent community site. first and foremost you best get in contact with the seller.


So they is no guarantee of success even if I send the phone to you guys is there? Have you fixed this kind of problem on a doogee S68 Pro before? I can send it back if that is my only option?

Hello Fred, please contact the seller, if it is possible in any way to claim under warranty or guarantee, he will know.

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