I have just bought a new mobile and the edge led's appear not to work.So you have no notification of a Whats App,text message or a missed call.Android is version 10. UI version OKUI 2.0.0 .I've checked Utilities/system/Flash reminder and that is on.I've read on the internet that this is a software problem and is fixed in Android 10,update version 2.1 .Can anyone help please.Mark


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Hello MarkWightman!

Which edge LED's are you referring to?

To my knowledge the device has only one circular LED for notifications situated around the triple cameras.



Hi Denny,Thanks for replying. I'm not sure,it's the expression I've seen on the internet for this problem.On my device it mentions flash edges of screen,under Assist & voice input.Maybe irrelevent.Nothing flashes on mine when a text,missed call or whats app or anything happens.

Do you have a C19?or a mobile with Android 10.Cheers.Mark

Hi Mark, we don't have an Oukitel C19 here, but I think I know what you mean. This feature is available from Samsung (Edge Lighting) and other manufacturers.

Usually, when the feature is enabled, the apps have to be unlocked for it, so check the settings (where you enabled it) to see if there is a menu.

You can also check the settings of the app itself to see if there is a function that can be activated there (Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Notifications).


Hi Simon, Thanks.I've checked Settings/Apps&Notifications/Apps Notifications/Messages,WhatsApp and all looks ok.In the WhatsApp/Settings /Notifications there's a message saying Popup Notification is not available for this version of Android.This mobile has 10.

   I guess I'm paying the price for going for a cheap mobile?Cheers.Mark

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