all the time there is just one item on the page.


it doesn't move on.

what do I do?

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this is a wp5


I canpt get any phone calls or texts.  I don;t know what My phone is doing

Hello noraisens!

It could be that there is an error in the background that prevents booting. I'm afraid you have no other option but to reset the device via recovery mode. You can get more information by clicking on the banner below.

Best regards!

How to start and use the recovery mode


The recovery mode is some kind of second operation system that is made to save the Android device if nothing works anymore. But what exactly can i do with the recovery mode and how do i use it? Recovery-mode: What's that? [caption id='1947'...


I followed  the directions to recovvery mode

IT STILL goes back to the oukitel screen and does not change

then I made changed to fastboot then nothing happened

what happens if I take the battery out and plug it back in?


this time I hit the recovery and left it.  after about a minute a picture of a electric motor came upthen it went out and now the oukitel screen is back on.

I will lgo to bed now and see what happens in the morning.


the only thing i havent done is swear at it.  how do i get chatting help

Hello noraisens!

If there is no way to recover even via recovery mode, then I'm afraid it's due to a deeper bug in Android itself. Here probably only a visit to a repair store would be of any use, as a rom must be installed if necessary.

We don't advise you to flash the device yourself.

Unfortunately I don't have any further information.


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