Samsung Galaxy A40

Samsung Galaxy A40: Cannot connect to my car with MirrorLink

Question asked 6 days ago from raija


I own a Toyota C-HR car. It is the 2017 model with a Toyota Touch 2 and Go multimedia device. And I bought a new phone (Samsung Galaxy A40) that I could use MirrorLink. But I can't find any instructions on what programs I should download to phone and how I should configure Samsung. I have tried to do some configuration but no luck so far. When I look at my phone's setup page I see that CarmodeStub is installed but I cannot connect MirrorLink on. The slider is gray (error: Could not connect to car. Usb tethering is turned off). When I try tehtering of USB in Samsung this slider is also gray and there is error: Unable to enable usb tethering. Usb port being used by MirrorLink.

Could you help me, please.

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