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Umidigi F2 - Switch OFF the wifi MAC randomization PERMANATELLY !!! I want to Switch OFF the wifi MAC randomization PERMANATELLY !!! on my device UMIDIGI F2
1 gedero 1 70
Umidigi S3 Pro - How do I turn on my phone without the power button My phone shut down and I can't turn it on because my power button is broken, I've tried going into recovery mode but it requires you to use the...
0 HalpMePLs 0 27
Umidigi S2 Pro - CAN BOOT ON MY PHONE I boot my phone on this morning and it won't boot keeps showing optimising app 1 of 1 and after some time it goes off. I have rebooted several...
0 Nad17 0 33
Umidigi A1 Pro - Battery Replacement Hello, so im looking to replace the battery on my UmiDigi A1 PRO as recently its started to swell to the point of the back popping off, im looking...
0 kbj 0 45
Umidigi F1 - Phone stop responding I have to restart phone approximately 5 times per day.  After using apps, in order to make and receive calls.
0 Heyu22 0 166
Umidigi F1 - Lockscreen Notifications stop working Lockscreen Notifications use to work. It will not post messages, appointments or any info. I checked notifications under settings and it shows all...
0 Heyu22 0 72
Umidigi F2 - how can I make quite mode I tried to press both power & down voice without success.
0 Arilo 0 125
Umidigi A3S - Cannot delete contacts in directory I copies a list of my contacts from all sources to my new A3S phone and a number ofthem are no longer valid and I need to delete but cannot figure...
0 Gelbal 0 51
Umidigi F2 - Muffled Calls and b&w instead of colour Why are people not able to hear me properly? Muffled or sounds of interference on the line. Also, my phone keeps going black and white instead...
0 F2User 0 211
Umidigi F2 - Forward facing camera I have two vertical white lines on pictures taken with the forward facing camera. There has been no tech support from umidigi despite several...
0 Scream 0 208
Umidigi F1 - Every time I make or receive a phone call it goes straight to loud speaker I have tried restarting my phone, restoring phone to factory settings, checking for updates, but nothing has helped fix the problem.
0 SamT1999 0 83
Umidigi A3 Pro - can i answer without slide ? slide answer not working well. any way round this?thx alan
1 hooky 1 312
Umidigi F2 - User man5 Looking for a user manual in English  ?
0 fortyfl 0 126
Umidigi F2 - sound ,microphone problem whe i call out people can not hear me clear sound muffet 
0 topspin1948 0 1235
Umidigi A3 - how to insert Sims in tray? Sims won't stay in tray,  
0 strader 0 102
Umidigi A3 - frozen screen i wanted to end a call i made some days ago and the touch has since not been able to respond, it seized since then, i even did ''factory reset'' on...
0 nuru7 0 88
Umidigi A3 - frozen screen i wanted to end a call i made some days ago and the touch has since not been able to respond, it seized since then, i even did ''factory reset'' on...
0 nuru7 0 88
Umidigi A3 - Troubleshoot Umidigi a3 not receiving calls The phone rings as busy when other persons call me
0 alexava 0 210
Umidigi S3 Pro - Resetting my phone due to no access to phone functions. My phone is stuck on the speech option. I cant access any other functions. How do I gain access to other functions?
0 Rollo 0 127
Umidigi S3 Pro - Turning off the Speech option The Speech option has disabled me using my S3 Pro Smartphone. I would love to disable the Speech option and have regular access to my phone. How do...
0 Rollo 0 71
Umidigi A3 - Sudenly stop can't open Sudenly stop can't open stop when the umidigi screen a peer that it i made them check by a technicien en he told me it is a systeme operation...
0 YvesTito 0 60
Umidigi F1 - MMS not working My MMS hasn't been working for a week of so. Also, just noticed I am on the 3G network not 4G. Can you help me??
1 PatMur 1 117
Umidigi A3 - SIM card won't stay in slot SIM card won't stay in slot
0 gallds24 0 47
Umidigi A3 - Downloading photos Can't download photos. My wife can download them on her LG phone.  Photos are designated jpeg.
0 rer1001 0 78
Umidigi A3 Pro - phone goes to emergency calls only after shutdown After installing sim card and going through the start up procedure the phone is fine until it turns off. When restarted it goes to emergency calls...
0 Bazzac 0 163
Umidigi A3 - Touch screen unresponsive The touch screen doesn’t work.  There is a lock sign on top right handed side.  I didn’t drop phone. Screen not cracked....
0 Erudic 0 102
Umidigi A1 Pro - voice how to record voice message
2 Ian 2 58
Umidigi S3 Pro - Como faz para formatar o celular umidigi s3 pro A minha câmera estragou como faço para conseguir outro e mó faço para formatar o celular umidigi s3 pro para ver se resolver o problema da...
0 Rafael2058 0 63
Umidigi A3 Pro - I cannot find a button to answer an incoming phone call when there  is an incoming phone call, I can hear the sound, but the screen is dark and when I turn on it by press the power button, I still...
0 Leo 0 213
Umidigi A3 - How to Enable the WIFI calling on UMIDIGI A3? Could anyone show me where to enable the WIFI calling on UMIDIGI A3? My service provider supports WIFI calling but I cannot find where to enable...
0 kcsean 0 186