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Como faz para formatar o celular umidigi s3 pro Umidigi S3 Pro · 21 hours ago · From Rafael2058

A minha câmera estragou como faço para conseguir outro e mó faço para formatar o celular umidigi s3 pro para ver se resolver o problema da...

I cannot find a button to answer an incoming phone call Umidigi A3 Pro · 3 weeks ago · From Leo

when there  is an incoming phone call, I can hear the sound, but the screen is dark and when I turn on it by press the power button, I still...

How to Enable the WIFI calling on UMIDIGI A3? Umidigi A3 · 3 weeks ago · From kcsean

Could anyone show me where to enable the WIFI calling on UMIDIGI A3? My service provider supports WIFI calling but I cannot find where to enable...

Microphone not working UMIDIGI Crystal · 3 weeks ago · From rpresport

  Model 4/64Microphone not working On a call I can hear the other person fineThey hear nothing I have recorded a call and can hear...

Zooming Umidigi A3 Pro · 1 month ago · From jesseyanne

I don't know how to zoom...

Why is my sound not working? Umidigi F1 · 1 month ago · From Mylink2u

No sound for media or calls on speaker even though all volumes are up. Is there a setting for speaker? Maybe something was inadvertently changed?...

Incoming calls Umidigi F1 · 1 month ago · From Ikama

Hi there!  Got problem with incoming calls when someone calls I can't hear a person from the other side unless I have to use...

camera will not focus Umidigi One Max · 1 month ago · From misfit

I love the phone but after the first update that fixed the random reboots, the rear camera will not focus anymore. If you hole something very very...

Where can I find the launcher setting for the Umidigi S3 Pro Umidigi S3 Pro · 1 month ago · From Abefre

Hi I would like to add more rows and columns in the launcher that came with Umidigi S3 Pro. The normal location for the settings is when you...

Wifi calling Umidigi A3 Pro · 1 month ago · From Jbpunk79

When i try to press for wifi calling it wont let me select it. Is there something i need to do?

Store images and videos to sd card Umidigi A3 · 1 month ago · From leftyman68

hi i wanted to know how i change the settings so that apps that i download and images and videos i record are stored to sd card instead of internal...

Key / signal to answer incoming calls? Umidigi One Pro · 1 month ago · From Santos

Hi, When I get some call nothing happens in the screen of my phone, absolutely nothing. The phone sounds and vibrate and in the screen...