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Cubot P30 - App not working Apps like calculator, camera or calendar are installed, but I am not able to open them use them. There is not a button on the main screen, and if I...
0 Eva 0 5
Samsung Galaxy M31 - Touch screen not working Accidental touch protection is popping on screen and not able to operate the phone as touch is not working
0 vinobha 0 9
Xiaomi Mi 10 5G - Enabling fullscreen display problem I want to experience fullscreen while playing games with no black bars, the problem is, although i enable/disable the fullscreen display in...
0 Kleptomania123 0 10
Ulefone Note 7 - My conversation partner can't help me Suddenly people can't hear me on calls but I can hear them plus video has no playback sound
1 Vickib10 1 13
Samsung Galaxy A41 - Lock Screen add info How do I add information to the lock screen? I've put details in Owner Information but they have not appeared on the Lock Screen. Solved
1 RoMo5 1 21
Doogee N20 - The device does not turn on or charge This is a new device I bought. It does not work. I tried to charge it and it also did not work. (The device is cold when charging) What is the...
1 GUN 1 35
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite - Need to remove record icon from incall menu Need remove record icon from incall automatically touch with ear and is bad for my call and me.please give help to remove from incall...
1 Mahesh 1 14
Cubot P30 - Service Centre I had a problem with my phone (in pristine condition) so i sent it away to the service Centre they told me it was the main board so they replaced...
1 Johhnyshank 1 10
Add personalized ringtones
Android: Add personalized ringtones

Many of us may remember the popular ringtone Badinerie (Bach) on the Nokia 3310. Like back then, we can still add personalized ringtones to Android devices.Back then we had to pay expensive...

How to start your device in safe mode
Android: How to start your device in safe mode

Most User will remember the safe mode from their Windows PC. This mode is also present on the Android device. In this guide we will show you how to activate or deactivate the safe mode.[caption...

WhatsApp check marks - Their meaning and how to turn them off
WhatsApp: WhatsApp check marks - Their meaning and how to turn them off

Useful or the invention of the devil - everyone thinks different about the WhatsApp check marks. But what exactly do these marks mean? And, is there a possibility to turn them off? In this guide...

How to start and use the recovery mode
Android: How to start and use the recovery mode

The recovery mode is some kind of second operation system that is made to save the Android device if nothing works anymore. But what exactly can i do with the recovery mode and how do i use...

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