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Alcatel 1S - Hotspot I need a router label to connect to my hotspot. Where can I find this? 
0 Roryxx 0 54
Alcatel Onyx - Volume Ok. I'm using Bluetooth earbuds. My volume on my earbuds are all the way up. When I try to turn it up on my phone, to be louder. It starts turn up...
0 Jacksons 0 38
Alcatel 1S - Bluetooth problems Hello,I am trying to connect my phone (Alcatel 1S (2019) with my car by Bluetooth and something is not ok.My car bluetooth system recognizes the...
0 LuisNeto 0 72
Alcatel OneTouch Pop S7 - Only welcome screen Phone whowing only the welcome screen 'OneTouch Pop S7'. It Appears and  disappears 3 or 4 times but without proceeding further. Unable to...
0 Brinda 0 51
Alcatel 3L (2019) - need to know how to get it unlocked i swipe it but it can not get to home page  when i swipe it to unlock it just goes on to a emergency call then when igo back it just goes on to lock again so i...
0 noelle 0 55