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device don't connect to internet and mms don't work Blackview BV6000s · 1 week ago · From JUAN

my device will not connect to the internet and mms is not working

exporting ALL contacts from SIM card to PC Blackview BV5900 · 1 week ago · From jolu

I want to export ALL of my contacts list from the EE SIM card, in phone BV5900 to my computer.  I have established file transfer, but only one...

Fails to save pictures or videos sometimes Blackview BV9500 · 2 weeks ago · From mikolajwalczak

Hi,My problem with the phone - it sometimes does not save pictures and videos. The picture shows on the screen while taking it. The video shows...

User manual Blackview BV8000 Pro · 1 month ago · From TADIO

Hi,Last year, I bought a Blackview BV8000pro but I've lost the user manual. Can you send me a PDF version of this please?Best regards,

Projection app not responding Blackview Max 1 · 1 month ago · From Parnaby27

can get into app info an that’s it.

WiFi calling? Blackview A60 · 1 month ago · From fopetesl

I read your online manual but found no mention of WiFi calling.I realise that finally this option needs to be recognised by mobile supplier but the...

Can't make a call out or receive any calls...checked everything Blackview BV6800 Pro · 1 month ago · From black_007

Can't make a call our or receive any calls...checked everything from sim card slot to call settings; powered off and on and even powered in safe...

Screen locked Blackview A60 · 1 month ago · From IanDH

The screen is locked saying the following: Main Camera in white writing on a purple background.

how to install whatsapp Blackview A60 Pro · 1 month ago · From wales1761

How do I install whats app on my new Blackview.Also how to send texts

taking picture without flash Blackview A60 Pro · 2 months ago · From ilan

sometimes you need taking pictures without flash. how?

Wallpapers Blackview A7 Pro · 2 months ago · From hotluck

I was using Zedge and had a live wallpaper selected for my background. For some reason today it reverted to the original wallpaper and Zedge no...

want a user manual Blackview A60 Pro · 2 months ago · From Linda

I require to download a user PDF manual for my Blackview A60 Pro smart phone

What should the voice mail number be Blackview A60 · 2 months ago · From jodine

Can not listen to voice mail messages

blackview a20 Blackview A20 · 3 months ago · From flimbo

i changed my password to access my phone from four numbers to a password of letters. now my phone opening screen is of a telephone keypad with...

How do I transfer from internal storage to sd card? Blackview BV2000 · 3 months ago · From Siobhain

I have the Blackview BV 2000.  The memory is full on the internal storage but I don't know how transfer to SD card.  Some apps such as...

Facebook Blackview A60 Pro · 3 months ago · From Ivana

I can't connect Facebook and if I do finally constantly closing app

alarm clock Blackview A20 Pro · 4 months ago · From phil

I set alarm to go off in morning say 08:00 it shows alarm signal on top of screen then it disappears and alarm does not go off . I can set alarm to...

Cannot personalise ringtones Blackview BV9500 Pro · 4 months ago · From OldBloke

On the contacts' pages there is a menu and one option to "Set ringtone". It allows me to select a rintone from the list and plays the...

T9 Blackview BV1000 · 4 months ago · From Louisgarden

Pas de T9 ? No T9 ? Kein T9 ?

When i try to put my PIN in there is no OK button, so I can't use phone Blackview BV5500 · 4 months ago · From Morpethmice

I type in my PIN but tthere is no checkmark to say OK.  I have powered off and rebooted.  No change.  Can't use phone now!

Call forwarding Blackview P10000 Pro · 4 months ago · From Nigel

How. Do you set up call forwarding to my other phone ? 

Volume key appears to be stuck on increase volume Blackview BV5500 · 4 months ago · From Swift1sure

My volume key seems to be stuck on louder. It randomly increases volume to maximum without any physical input. It's annoying as I can't...

Default phone lock Blackview BV1000 · 4 months ago · From mehrdad

The phone asks for old password. What is the initial default password?

Back camera pictures foggy and blurred Blackview A60 · 4 months ago · From gtomova

Hi! I recently bought this phone from Aliexpress BLACKVIEW Global Store. The pictures I take come out foggy and blurred - not indiscernible, but...

music app turns off Blackview P10000 Pro · 4 months ago · From jase1290

my music app turns off when the screen goes idle. i used to have a blackview p2 and never had this problem. please help as i dont want to keep...

Phone had some system ck and is now unresponsive Blackview BV5500 · 4 months ago · From Dhuff55

Had my  phone in my pocket at work. When I pulled it out the screen had small lettering phone system check going on. I laid it on the counter...

usb-c headphones dont work Blackview BV9700 Pro · 4 months ago · From ElAdri1999

I just got my  BV 9700 Pro and all seems fine except i dont know how to set the headphones to work, they should be pnp but they dont, music...

got new phone, but its blocked [can turn on but cant access calls, data, me Blackview A20 · 4 months ago · From nl172

i brought my new A20 blackview phone but after calling my data provider  we found on the setttings that the phone itself is blocked from...

Wi-Fi calling Blackview BV6800 Pro · 4 months ago · From Martindrew

I live in a cement building and need Wi-Fi calling. Cannot find it on the phone

No OK button on keypad after update Blackview BV5500 · 4 months ago · From muddywalker

After system update of my blackview BV5500 I am unable to log into my phone with keypad, keys work fine but there is no OK key. How do I proceed.