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Blackview A60 - Corrupt stock rom? Hello one and all,I flashed a stock rom for a friend who had forgotten his login pattern and am left with some Chinese characters in the top right...
0 Wibble 0 15
Blackview A80 Pro - Auto Power On/Off I do not seem to have auto power on/off on my setting on the above phone.  Can you please help with this problem. Mungo
0 Mungo 0 16
Blackview BV9600 Pro - Connect BV9600 to Samsung S3 Watch I would like to connect my phone to a smart watch (BV9600 Samsung S3). The standard method doesn't seem to work. Is there a solution?
0 BaileyK 0 8
Blackview A60 - Messaging Receiving text messages but unable to send replies. It says not sent. Tap to retry 
0 Sally 0 22
Blackview BV9500 - Screen Are screens of BV9500 and 9500pro are interchangable?I broke the screen in my BV9500 but only the pro screens are available for replacement.
0 Gocanander 0 15
Blackview A60 - phone another mobile I can phone a landline, but not a mobile.
0 paulsco 0 14
Blackview A60 Pro - increase sd card size When I try to transfer the data from the current sd card to a larger capacity card via my computer it will not allow it. Is this due to Blackview...
0 Colnee 0 29
0 Oldguy76 0 34
Blackview Max 1 - Screen calibrator malfunctioning The phone usually freezes whenever am using it.most times it doesn't respond to touches and it opens apps automatically by itself even without...
0 Suleiman1980 0 30
Blackview A60 - Cannot receive incoming calls goes straight to voicemail An incoming call rings once and then goes straight to voicemail
0 Buster45 0 82
Blackview BV9600 Pro - Cannot make calls when using WiFi How do i set up WiFi calling on BV9600?
0 AlexdeSousa 0 45
Blackview A80 Pro - No Mobile data. Bought the phone yesterday and cannot get mobile data but phone coverage is fine. After hours of troubleshooting from google and forums and factory...
0 BillytheKidder 0 85
Blackview BV9000 Pro - Bottom of the screen freezes Some reason the bottom of the screen which helps you come out from the apps to the home screen freezes up, the only way to get it to work is to...
0 Laurencium 0 24
0 Fritz138 0 154
Blackview P10000 Pro - Finger print How do I get my fingerprint scanner working 
0 Mick3y 0 35
Blackview A60 Pro - Incoming calls don't activate the dialer where I can see how to end the ca If my phone is locked, incoming calls ring but no dialer is activated so I can't see who it is our how to answer or end the call. This worked okay...
0 Benozeno 0 79
Blackview BV1000 - photographs how can I take photographs with this phone?
0 ecosse 0 22
Blackview A80 Pro - Blackview A80 Pro wifi calling Does the Blackview A80 Pro  do wifi calling?
0 Vidro 0 99
0 Rumpole11 0 59
Blackview BV5500 - Can not text pictures I can not text or receive pictures. Everything thing else works great. I reached out to AT&T to no avail. Even downloaded a few texting apps....
0 RoscoeClyde 0 79
Blackview A60 Pro - ARCore Does blackview a60pro support ARCore
0 Mikey19 0 63
Blackview A60 - open how do I open back yo insert sim
0 sundance 0 336
Blackview A60 - When receiving calls the screen is black and not showing any caller. When receiving calls the screen is black and not showing any caller. Only sound of call is there.What to change in order to see who is calling?
0 Cos 0 120
Blackview BV9700 Pro - Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting from devices? Every time I connect my phone, via Bluetooth, to any device (watch, speaker, car, Ect.) it randomly keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.  It...
0 dferraguti 0 69
Blackview P2 - Camera and flash not working My camera and flash have stopped working, says that I cannot access the camera or flash. I have rebooted, add another camera app nothing works
0 Darylp 0 47
Blackview BV4000 Pro - The rear camera doesn’t work The rear camera doesn’t open and the torch has disappeared what can I do to get them back 
0 Anneireland 0 61
Blackview BV5900 - Help with data usage When WIFI  is not being use I cannot connect to the internet even though I have my data turned on. What to do?
0 PastorDave123 0 133
Blackview BV5500 - Cannot connect to my iPad via WiFi or Bluetooth Both devices show connection but iPad cannot  connect to internet provider tethering ik
0 Richard 0 99
Blackview A60 Pro - Call going straight to voicemail I keep trying to ring a number from my blackview but it rings once and goes straight to voicemail, I have credit and the other person's phone is...
0 Celine 0 147
0 Ghatti30 0 1541