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Blackview A60 - WiFi calling Just purchased the a60 but mobile coverage is poor in my area so can the a60 use WiFi calling and if so how do I get it to work? 
1 Andyg 1 10
Blackview A80 Pro - i want to buy it Please advice me should i buy it or not.Thanks
1 fli 1 8
Blackview BV9900 - Activating Depth Camera (orange) How to activate the depth camera, the one with orange rim? Activating underwater mode is still using standard lens...
1 simonoc 1 22
Blackview BV9500 Plus - ring tone is always on 0 the phone is a few month old.....the ring volume always go down to 0 ...i have to look every second day...1 day is ok, but at the second day the...
5 bernd 5 33
Blackview A80 Pro - Problem answering call while on an existing call When attempting to answer an incoming call during an existing ongoing call, pressing the answer button hangs up on the existing call & does not...
3 HeartCentered 3 36
Blackview A80 Pro - Clicking Noise I am trying to charge my phone and it is making a loud clicking noise.  The phone will no turn on and the charge button is still red after 30...
1 Pondamc73 1 15
Blackview A60 - Mobile data not working Hi I have inserted my SIM card and activated my mobile data to on but its not working when not using WiFi? 
1 Fee20 1 28
Blackview BV9500 - Flashlight OoO. Hi, the flashlight on my BV9500 is "down", I only got a very weak light passing by Flashlight app or Toolbox. Any idea? Thx.
1 Ben77 1 24
Blackview A80 Pro - Internal storage Hi I can't save any photos videos apps to phone it's a 64gb and only 15g used .it will happily store to a SD card but it's now broke but won't...
1 Twanky 1 31
Blackview A80 Pro - screenshot how do you take a screenshot on the phone 
1 msly2008 1 62
Blackview BV9900 Pro - Change Status Bar display of network status? Is it possible to change the information displayed on the left side of the Status bar?I have two SIMs, and I see "HD(4g bars) HD(4g bars) (wifi...
4 Coldie 4 28
Blackview BV9900 Pro - app organisation I'm very familiar with android. I'm used to having an app menu with all installed apps that can be sorted alphabetically, as well as screens to...
1 htcconvert 1 30
Blackview BV5900 - separate ring tones for separate sim cards Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, how can I install two separate ring tones for the separate sim cards I use in a blackviev 5900? Thank you for...
1 uhlig 1 43
Blackview A60 - Answering phone When phone rings I get a red and green phone come up with a circle in middle which goes between the two but no matter what I do I can't get it to...
1 Buttins 1 56
Blackview A60 - Factory hard reset Got new A60 and following the start procedure set a 4 digit pin then proceeded setting up wi fi etc.  After shutting down the phone I can no...
1 Blaze 1 65
Blackview A60 - sim card not recognised tried 2 different sim cards in my brand new A60 but in the settings it shows sim card empty. Both sim cards have been tested in another phone and...
1 lemar5 1 49
Blackview A60 Pro - SIM not recognised I have just inserted a SIM into a new phone for the first time.and it is not recognising it . Any suggestions?
1 Raynhric 1 50
Blackview A80 Pro - Photos We're is the gallery and and how do I take a screen shot?
1 kattlove7171 1 85
Blackview BV9900 - How to use the wide angle camera? There are four cameras on the back of BV9900.  All work, but I have no idea how to use the wide angle camera.  No options for it in the...
1 DrMojoLuv 1 31
Blackview A80 Pro - Camera turning upside down Hello, I newly bought my blackview a80 pro and once I take a picture and view it after it turns upside down, is there anything I can do to fix the...
1 Fiona 1 55
Blackview A60 - turn on mobile data turn on mobile data with sky sim. trying use mobile data without using wifi.    
1 robaato76 1 86
Blackview BV9900 Pro - No Reception I have VERY POOR reception on my Blackview BV9900 pro in this entire area of New York State, and NO reception in my own house.  (I get 1 bar...
1 Bradley 1 67
Blackview BV9000 Pro - update to android 9 or 10 from Android 8 Does the BV9000 Pro-F  support Android 9 or above?Currently running Android 8.0.0  BVBV9000ProFV07_20190321Several apps not able to run...
2 inqusitive 2 76
Blackview A80 Pro - voicemail in setup keeps reverting to *86 After spending an hour with my AT&T vendor, we determined that the Blackview does not save my voicemail number in Setup, but instead always...
1 Clicketycat 1 54
Blackview A60 - answering phone calls The green and red icons do not function when trying to answer, or stop phone ringing, no matter how many times they are touched. And no matter how...
2 Kaitch 2 68
Blackview A60 - Ring sound & notification sounds Your search for My notification sounds have disappeared!! Both ring sound & notification sounds. Vibrate is still working & like another...
2 Nero 2 64
Blackview BV9900 - Autofocus noise on video Hello!I am having the noise of the camera's autofocus while I am shooting the video with my new BV9900.I'd like to know if that is a defect or it...
3 DmitriyCh 3 50
Blackview A60 Pro - manual users manual or similar
1 bass50old 1 66
Blackview A60 Pro - Have internet but mobile network not available New phone inserted old sky sim and set up internet but can’t make or receive calls despite enabling WiFi calling
1 Flummoxed 1 59
Blackview A60 - power on and off i ve just bought this phone and i cant get anything to work on it.screens blank with just the words"main camera"cant even power on and off.please...
1 Rosed 1 57