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Blackview A60 - screen display frozen The screen displays Main Camera in yellow writing on a blue background and has been like that all day since turning on this morning. Help please !
1 Jonesy 1 23
Blackview BV5800 Pro - Ringing My device only rings 4 times. How do I extend it?
1 Bings 1 16
Blackview A80 Pro - Uploading pix Can't remember how to upload pix to computer.  I know there is something you have to change, just can't remember what.  Sorry. 
1 Lynwil 1 20
Blackview A60 - Camera upside down Hello when I open my camera it is showing me upside down. Any advice on how to fix this please?
1 Allie 1 47
Blackview BV9100 - SMS out but not in I am unable to receive SMS messages. The phone can send SMS to other phones but it cannot receive them.
6 Junior777 6 31
Blackview BV9500 Plus - Changing notification sound for different apps Hello team,Can you please be so kind to answer my question: Is it possible on BV9500 plus (Android 9) to change default notification sound for...
1 Bob1979 1 20
Blackview BV9800 Pro - Witch myflir app do I use iv downloaded all of them they don't work I dounloaded every myflir app ther is and still can't get any of thim to work 
1 Colbywoods 1 27
Blackview BV9900 Pro - How to get my U.S att blacview 9900 pro on 4g working . Only getting 3g  I am in the U.S just bought a bkackview 9900 pro. Done everything.  I can't get it to work on 4g ,only picking up 3g. Also messages...
1 Lori 1 39
Blackview BV9100 - Cant sign in to BV9100 The BV9100 is asking me for a password to get into the phone but it doesnt pop up the keyboard. The issue is extremely simple however I cant find...
1 TheTimeLordHQ 1 12
Blackview BV9500 Plus - Remove of Google bar Dear team and community members,I'm new owner of BV9500 plus and have a little question for you. Is there a possibility to remove Google bar from...
3 Bob1979 3 26
Blackview BV9500 Plus - Notification sounds volume Dear team,I'm new satisfied owner of BV9500 Plus but I have one question: How to change volume level for notification sounds, because there is no...
2 Bob1979 2 43
Blackview A60 - Voicemail I have just bought my daughter the a60. Ir has a tesco pay as you go sim card. She has a voicemail but can't access it. Press 1 does not recognise....
1 Salb 1 43
Blackview A60 - ScreenShots How we take screenshots?
1 xantikon 1 20
Blackview A60 Pro - Voice to text I cannot get a keyboard screen to pull up anytime I want to type a message, I am always prompted to voice my message instead of typing it
1 Maurizio 1 33
Blackview A60 - Auto rotate stopped working Tried the quick set icon on/off etc , tried rebooting and tried going into display settings and physically changing the auto rota slide across...
1 Barbusbarbus 1 28
Blackview A60 Pro - sd card not regocnised my a60 pro does not recognise the sd card
1 johnking107 1 61
Blackview BV9900 Pro - System application "Translator v.1.0.5" has stopped working A few days ago, the application stopped working and after typing any word it displays:Translate error !I cleared applications cache and data memory...
1 Darsky66 1 29
Blackview A80 Pro - When I take a picture I cannot upload it to my computer. The computer shows as if there are no pictures at all.  I have had this before but cannot remember how I rectified it.  Something about...
4 Lynwil 4 63
Blackview A60 Pro - Can't sign in I am unable to open my phone. It's asking for my password but won't show the keyboard.
1 Jane 1 48
Blackview BV6800 Pro - Search Bar on Homescreen hi. How can I get rid of the search bar on the homescreen. I deactivated already the google search bar as I am searching with ecosia. But...
1 Jonny 1 32
Blackview BV5900 - touchscreen just stopped working I was using my phone no issues this morning and now touchscreen wont work at all, cant even restart or shutdown . Using the button on the side of...
1 Rachael 1 77
Blackview A80 Pro - 0K/S There is a 0k/s on the top left hand corner of my phone. What is it, what does it mean, can I shut it off, how can I shut it off? 
1 DPBrown20 1 57
Blackview A20 - "Preferred network type" menu only shows 3G Hi there. Got a new BV9800 (not Pro, but your site won't let me select that). I'm stuck with 3G despite the fact that my previous phone (a Moto G6)...
1 Walkers 1 46
Blackview A80 Pro - sending text messages Suddenly I am unable to send text messages but I can receive them fine?
3 Poops 3 73
Blackview BV5900 - Screen streaks When I open the display on my phone the screen streaks vertically. I can swipe through to the screen with the app buttons but this is still...
5 Captainmidnight 5 58
Blackview A80 Pro - Notification log How can I find notification history
1 bilb1 1 33
Blackview BV5900 - Music app troubles I was recently forced to change from a Blackberry Style to another phone, and the new phone chosen was a Blackview bv5900.  I've been having...
2 Mapame 2 59
Blackview BV5900 - Why does "Notes" need accss to my calendar to open? I was recently forced to change from a Blackberry Style to another phone, and the new phone chosen was a Blackview bv5900.  Unlike my original...
3 Mapame 3 40
Blackview BV9500 Plus - GPS logger only triggers for 1 hour After about an hour, my GPS logger apps stop generating new points.How can I prevent the GPS from being turned off to save power.
2 JustinSven 2 37
Blackview A60 - Ringtone I have just bought this phone, there is NO green spot on the ringtone volume slider and I can't adjust it. The media volume and alarm volumes are...
1 foggy 1 79