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Blackview questions

Volume key appears to be stuck on increase volume

Blackview BV5500 · 2 days ago by Swift1sure

My volume key seems to be stuck on louder. It randomly increases volume to maximum without any...


Default phone lock

Blackview BV1000 · 3 days ago by mehrdad

The phone asks for old password. What is the initial default password?


Back camera pictures foggy and blurred

Blackview A60 · 1 week ago by gtomova

Hi! I recently bought this phone from Aliexpress BLACKVIEW Global Store. The pictures I take...


music app turns off

Blackview P10000 Pro · 1 week ago by jase1290

my music app turns off when the screen goes idle. i used to have a blackview p2 and never had...


Phone had some system ck and is now unresponsive

Blackview BV5500 · 1 week ago by Dhuff55

Had my  phone in my pocket at work. When I pulled it out the screen had small lettering...


usb-c headphones dont work

Blackview BV9700 Pro · 2 weeks ago by ElAdri1999

I just got my  BV 9700 Pro and all seems fine except i dont know how to set the headphones...


got new phone, but its blocked [can turn on but cant access calls, data, me

Blackview A20 · 2 weeks ago by nl172

i brought my new A20 blackview phone but after calling my data provider  we found on the...


Wi-Fi calling

Blackview BV6800 Pro · 2 weeks ago by Martindrew

I live in a cement building and need Wi-Fi calling. Cannot find it on the phone


No OK button on keypad after update

Blackview BV5500 · 1 month ago by muddywalker

After system update of my blackview BV5500 I am unable to log into my phone with keypad, keys...



Blackview BV6800 Pro · 1 month ago by Antonijatonkah

Why i cant use a front camera, and    cant make a video call?