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Blackview A60 - Photo album HiI would just like to create an album for a specific group of photographs.How do you create a new album please?Thank you.
1 cjfarr 1 31
Blackview A60 - How do i troubleshoot voicemail When i try to access voicemail by pressing 1 on the keypad it just cuts off and does not access voicemail. It is a new phone but I do have...
1 Hazza 1 30
Blackview A80 Pro - Inverted camera Hello, I recently bought this phone and after using it for a while my camera was suddenly inverted.. I've tried going through all settings but I...
3 Faith 3 30
Blackview A80 Pro - No data roaming Hi my new a80-pro is working with the sim from my old phone but not outside the house on data this an APN setting problem?
1 AndyMartin5591 1 53
Blackview BV5900 - Cannot access phone as screen frozen I cannot use my phone as the screen has frozen.  Also I cannot turn the phone off or re-start. 
3 Neptune1565 3 34
Blackview A80 Pro - Start-Up PIN How to remove the start-up pin pleaseThanks and Stay SafeBert
1 Bert 1 35
Blackview BV5900 - texting I purchased this phone because I heard great things about it, however since recieving it, those who have iphones I am not getting there text...
1 sgambsky 1 48
Blackview BV6100 - the battery don't charge the battery don't charge, is arrived at 0% and show a simple message: "charge error" What to do?
2 ezio 2 39
Blackview BV8000 Pro - why is my phone not charging? I started this phone  not charging infrequently at first after one and a half year after using BV8000Pro. Occasionally my phone would charge...
1 parraysha 1 43
Blackview BV9500 Plus - power button sticking ok i like to start by saying i really like this phone alot :) everything about it i like. well today i noticed the blackview logo light up on the...
2 keymen 2 34
Blackview A80 Pro - Face to face call When I use whats app, the screen goes black two minutes in to the call, I can only end when I use the button on th side to bring the picture back...
1 Stellacat 1 28
Blackview A80 Pro - Three way call Three way call, I can connect to both but only speak to each separately but merae (merge) does not work,What can I do?Thanks
1 Stellacat 1 21
Blackview BV5900 - Voicemail Issues I know our carrier, and the number assigned to our voice mail...and I attempted to change it on the phone, but that didn't work. It's holding the 1...
1 IaMnOtThEwIzArD 1 60
Blackview A80 Pro - Setup voicemail I need help with setting up my voicemail
1 judytjoh 1 107
Blackview BV5900 - no mobile data mobile data is turned on but it will not connect
1 careless06 1 60
Blackview BV9500 Plus - How to turn off proximity sensor When I carry my Blackview BV9500 Plus in my pants pocket or jacket, because of the proximity sensor the screen is almost always on. I want to turn...
1 jgilalmeida 1 70
Blackview A60 Pro - changing memory card to greater capacity I wish to increase the external memory card and transfer the existing memory to the new one but my laptop will not recognise thh old card, due to...
3 verona80 3 52
Blackview A60 Pro - Removal of Back Cover Need to insert SIM card--how do I remove the back to get access?
1 Nonpareil 1 169
Blackview BV5500 - When I make a call. I need to press certain numbers. They aren't available Wen I make a call, I drop down the number keypad. The number 0 is covered by the phone button. 
1 Amychele22 1 52
Blackview BV5900 - No tx/rx Hello, today got my 5900 activated. however I can not send or receive calls. everything else ok. on Stright talk GSM (ATT). Spent 2hours with ST...
0 art 0 59
Blackview A60 - Wireless Update Should I download wireless Update?
1 JWBV 1 81
Blackview BV9900 Pro - Can’t find camera’s folder Hello! I have a problem with Blackview BV6800 Pro, I can’ find the folder that my pictures are saved in. There isn’t any folder that says...
1 MariaPol 1 65
Blackview BV5500 - BV5500, wont charge or turn on The battery on my BV5500 was not holding the charge and the device kept shutting down, I have read the others comments and tried a few things like...
7 Pussyc4T 7 77
Blackview A80 Pro - Can't answer calls When I get a call, I can't swipe to answer. I have to restart the phone and call then back. I turned on WiFi calling but didn't help.  
5 gemini33man 5 155
Blackview BV5900 - BV5900 Connection How can I connect my BV5900 to my laptop?
1 Bishop 1 54
Blackview A60 - Manual Is there a comparable manual I can download? Solved
1 JWBV 1 135
Blackview A60 Pro - Mobile data not working Mobile data not working/. Virgin mobile have sent new SIM card which has been installed/ mobile data still not working help  !   Thanks
1 Russellgeorge 1 130
Blackview A60 - Messaging Hi when I tab icon for messages  all I get is a screen showing Messages and nothing else apart from 'once you start a new conversation, you'll...
6 Hobbo 6 79
Blackview A80 Pro - About SIM-Cards Please, are the two sims and the sd card active at the same time on this phone?The advertising photos one with two sims and one  with a sim...
1 giovi 1 194
Blackview BV9600 Pro - Smartlock kills any music app. Will throwing phone fix it? Phone was fine for a few hours after I bought it then a notification asked me to o confirm something to do with hand detection & phone being...
1 mangosan 1 63