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Doro - Questions

This are the questions that were already asked about Doro.

Doro 6620 - downloading pics I am using USB cable to connect to my laptop (Windows 7), but laptop won't show the device, nor files
1 Fingers 1 23
Doro 1370 - Problem sending text messages When I prepare a text message and then press 'send', the phone tells me that the message has been saved.  This doesn't seem right. Also I...
0 bellybutton 0 103
Doro 6620 - How do I connect to wifi? How do I connect the phone to wifi? I need to be able to download picture messages. 
1 MicaPowick 1 141
Doro 1370 - Sim and phone storage full but nothing saved on phone There is one message in my inbox and nothing saved anywhere else - no photos, no outbox messages, no call logs.  But I can't receive texts at...
3 secretsiren 3 409
Doro 7030 - Predictive text How do you permanently switch off predictive text.
0 Maljoh9 0 494
Doro Liberto 825 - Sound problems High pitched sound on callers
5 joe90 5 90
Doro 7030 - Stuck on silent I cant seem to turn the silent facility off my mums phone, so she cant hear it when it is ringing!??!
2 mumsphone 2 157
Doro 7060 - Edit phone's dictionary? Is it possible to edit / delete the erroneous  words saved to the phone's dictionary? Almost certainly my fault when learning to use the phone...
0 Phonephobia 0 92
Doro 7060 - phone making calls unasked Phone makes calls when closed in pocket,how do I stop this happening 
0 melborgini 0 121
Doro 7060 - Whatsapp Hi, I have recently bought this phone but it won’t download WhatsApp- any ideas ? 
0 spilla25 0 207
Doro 1370 - Tones Need louder and longer message tone.How can I do it
0 Royston 0 139
Doro 1370 - Cannot use camera Error message  of insufficient memory but there is plenty of memory free on both phone (80%) and sd card (97%).
0 steveandtillyparsons 0 588
Doro 1370 - Not connecting to network. Please help!! Just bought a new Doro 1370 for my daughter. It’s recognisin the three mobile sim but not connecting to the network? Please advise
0 Karmafect 0 378
Doro 1370 - Language I dont see Russian Language,please Help how to get Russian LAnguage.
0 doro1370 0 329