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Elephone A6 Mini - Sound Auto Decrease Problem I bought new Elephone A6 MINI just 1 months old Problem From Start Its decrease sound automatic after some time on standby and some time no sound...
1 DanishFarooq 1 18
Elephone Soldier - the mobile restarts alone very often the mobile restarts alone very often. I have done factory reset and soon the problem returns
0 Jordi 0 167
Elephone A6 Mini - A6 mini not working . Automatically got switched off and now not getting on Sir I don't know what happened but it got switched off automatically and now it's not getting on inspite of try to reboot.  No response . Even...
0 Harish 0 146
Elephone A6 Mini - No led I cannot find a functional no led app on google play store.
0 pape 0 117
Elephone Soldier - wireless charging? Can i charge my device wireless?
0 Butterfly 0 385
Elephone Soldier - Alarm when the phone is turned off? I wonder, does my phones alarm go off when its turned off?
0 Butterfly 0 257
Elephone Soldier - How to activate call on waiting? How can i activate call on waiting?
0 Butterfly 0 237
Elephone A6 Mini - How to turn off camera sound while taking photos in elephone a6 mini model Dear all, please note , how to turn of camera sound while taking photos in elephone a6 mini , I couldn't fine any options in settings , please...
0 Madhes125 0 208