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Google Pixel 3a - Google Pixel 3a user manual I just got my Google Pixel 3a without a user manual.  What can I do?
0 maxdeville 0 169
Google Pixel 3 XL - Initial setup I just purchased this unlocked phone, and need to know how to set it up with Mint Mobile. 
0 lschattler44 0 136
Google Pixel 3a - Closed apps Closed apps are still apparent and cannot be taken off the screen.  Tap on the app and it says "App not available" but it still shows....
1 Meech 1 165
Google Pixel 3a - change of system language Hi, There is possibility to change system language from English to another?Thanks Solved
1 Esp 1 139
Google Pixel 3a - Can I change the volume buttons to lower/raise the phone tone Can I change the volume buttons to lower/raise the phone tone?Currently they effect media volume - I'd like to control the volume level of the ring...
1 TheOldGuy 1 247
Google Pixel 3a - How can I create two finger print "passwords"? How can I create two finger print "passwords"?
1 TheOldGuy 1 133
Google Pixel 3a - Change Contacts background from black to white? How can I change Contacts background color from black to white?
1 TheOldGuy 1 344
Google Pixel 3a - loading music How do i load music from my Pc to my Google Pixel 3a? 
1 marc 1 146
Google Pixel 3a XL - Can I set seperate sound notification for each contact I have a google 3a XL can I set a differnent sound for each of my contacts?
0 oldtimer 0 211