Just bought a used Leagoo Venture 1 in almost brand new condition.

I cannot start the camera. The icon on the home screen has a red dot on it (if that;s significant) and when I press the icon the camera app goes to start, pauses then reverts to home screen.

I'm pretty sure the hardware side of the camera is fine as I was i.d proofing another app which needed a QR Code identification/pairing and to my surprise the camera came on momentarily to screen capture the QR code.

But the camera app itself won;t start up. Nor in Photo Gallery.

Could the camera have been disabled in some way via the bios screen on start up ? is there a way to check or update, replace the camera app itself ?

I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

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Hello Nicodemous!

To make sure that the camera works, please download another camera app from the Play Store.

If this app works without problems, you could try to clear the cache of the faulty camera app or to clean up the memory.

If this does not solve the problem, you will have to reset the device to factory settings or use another camera app.



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