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LG K40 - WiFi antenna I need to locate the wifi antenna or the chip that controls it for my LG K40. I have the back cover removed and the board exposed.
0 Tech 0 22
LG Q Stylus - I have a LG Q Stylus Plus, it has 64 MB, 4 GB Ram I have a LG Q Stylus Plus, it has 64 MB, 4 GB Ram, but I don't see that manual. Only LG Q Stylus manual are they the same manual?
1 centric95 1 15
LG K40 - Need a user manuel. I need a user's manuel for my new LG k40 phone. 
0 Enaid9 0 14
LG K9 - Downloading How to receive and send photos  
0 SharTurn 0 14
LG K50 - toggling between 2 sim cards I have a UK sim card in the first slot and an Italian sim in the second.   I use the UK sim for Uk calls and the Italian for Italy....
0 collizzj 0 22
LG K40 - sd card how to move my game to my sd card on a lg k 40 phone
1 kay7977 1 116
LG Q60 - short cut how do i create a shortcut for a contact to home screen?
0 ahavoere2 0 37
LG K40 - Root LG K40?? Is it possible to root the LG K40? I just picked up this phone from metro by t-mobile but I need it rooted. Also, is the bootloader able to be...
1 Benquora 1 188