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Medion E5005 - blocking phone numbers How do I block a phone number on this phone, getting nuisance calls and would like to block the numbers
1 Pyramid 1 23
Medion X5520 - Phone stuck on screen lock I cant do anything with my phone. It doesnt react at all. I have pressed and held all buttons, tried charging it, everything, but it wont open. The...
1 Spooff 1 30
Medion E4506 - Camera not working When I open the camera it says ‘connection error. Can’t connect to the camera’ 
1 Millie 1 85
Medion X4701 - "Safe Mode" on the start screen. My smart shows "Safe Mode" (in dutch: Veilige Modus"). I lost some apps.How can I return to the normal mode?
0 doitbel1 0 124