I lost the key to my safe on the smartphone (meizu note 9). It is also called smart lock. 

Just to make sure: I can access the phone, I can access the applications that I protected on my phone, but I can't enter the data inside the safe. I probably changed the code and forgot to write it down.

What can I do?


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Hello Meizunote9!

Unfortunately, only a factory reset would help, since the data is known to be protected against unauthorized access. I'm afraid there is no other option.




Thanks for your reply. 

Is it possible to reset only the safe, or do I need to reboot the entire phone? 

Hi Meizunote9!

According to our experience, you need to reset the device completely unless the phone suggests you an option to reset only the safe.




Thanks for your reply

I just wish to share that the weirdest most amazing thing just happened to me: I was trying different codes, and I tried to remember the thread of thoughts which led me to change the code, when all of a sudden, my daughter spoke with me about something and I probably entered the right code while not looking and not knowing. Because I was suddenly inside the safe! I imediately extracted all the files there, but I still don't really know the code. At least now the safe is empty and I have all the files... 

Hello Meizunote9!

We are glad that your daughter helped you indirectly and that you were at least able to back up your data.

Now it's up to you if you want to reset the device, if you don't need the safe in the future, you can just leave it at that.

Best regards


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