Google's location accuracy uses various sources, such as Wi-Fi networks, cellular networks and sensors, to determine the location of the OnePlus smartphone and improve your GPS positioning.

Google also collects anonymous location data to improve location accuracy.

If the feature is disabled, the location is determined only by the internal GPS in the device and affects the accuracy in Find Maps and Find My Device.

Android 10 | OxygenOS 10.0
Step 1:  Open the  Settings
Step 2:  Tap on  Location
Step 3:  Tap on  Advanced
Step 4:  Tap on  Google Location Accuracy
Step 5:  Enable or disable  Improve Location Accuracy
  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on Location
  3. Tap on Advanced
  4. Tap on Google Location Accuracy
  5. Enable or disable Improve Location Accuracy

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