We can add our very own individual alarm times in the Clock app and set individual settings for each of them.

For example, in addition to the time of day, you can specify any name, a repetition, the alarm tone and the vibration.

All created alarms remain stored until they are manually deleted and can be (de)activated again at any time.

Android 10 | OxygenOS 10.0
Set an alarm -  Open the  Clock app
Set an alarm -  Tap on  Add
Set an alarm -  Set the  hour
Set an alarm -  Set a  repetition
Set an alarm -  Enable or disable  Vibrate
Set an alarm -  Tap on  Save
  1. Open the Clock app
  2. Tap on Add
  3. Set the hour
  4. Set a repetition
  5. Enable or disable Vibrate
  6. Tap on Save

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