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Oukitel C15 Pro - Phone camera failure My phone is oukitel c15 pro ,I started sufferings problem with my front camera which stopped working ,after a day my rare camera stopped...
3 Jeremyka 3 34
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Can't activate app drawer. I cannot find a way of activating the app drawer so as to remove app icons from the home pages
3 Ckwrightphd 3 41
Oukitel C15 Pro - Camera error My phone camera has been disabled due to security Policy and it has also affected the flash light
4 Hyanfrank 4 21
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Add or remove app icon on home screens On dragging an icon on the home screen no remove box appears. It does for widgets but not for icons. How do I remove an icon?Also I cannot find a...
1 Ckwrightphd 1 34
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Problem We are an application development company for android and one of them needs an internet connection to be always active, but we found that when it...
1 Jaime 1 64
Oukitel K9 - difference between aeroplane mode and do not disturb What is the difference between using aeroplane mode and do not disturb?  Also how to adjust the volume quickly?
1 krishna 1 34
Oukitel C19 - loss of contacts... Hi. had this a couple of weeks and added some contacts but these have been lost twice now and I have to re save them?Is this a setting issue or a...
1 johnhemel 1 31
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Why is my WP5 not allowing Mobile Data or connecting via 4G?      I cannot seem to get my phone to connect to 4G even though I have selected it in the Network Settings.  As a possible... Solved
7 Dursk 7 369
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Phone is locked My phone isn't accepting my password now it's locked 
1 Okeowo 1 101
Oukitel C15 Pro - has ANYONE linked this device to their pc? I feel I've tried all methods but am unable to achieve link to pc with the C15.The pc is Win 10 fully updated. IMHO the phone is rubbish.I am...
0 Bebbspoke 0 26
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Low ring tone Hi!Ringtone on my WP6 is on very low volume for few second to start. I keep on missing calls as I do not hear the tone. Doesn't find a setting for...
1 VeikkoNyfors 1 74
Oukitel WP5000 - Caller id not showing My phone will ring but the caller id is not over laying on screen or when locked
1 Fletch89 1 55
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Mobile data Can not connect my mobile data.
1 Nsj 1 116
Oukitel C19 - Can't add widget Trying to add digital clock to home screen.Instructions say press/hold home screen and option to add widget will appear.This does not happen.
1 HW100 1 149
Oukitel C15 Pro - When can I expect a Manual Please notify me when there's a Manual for Oukitel C15.Thanks for your time.
0 jj622s418 0 53
Oukitel WP5 Pro - , Proximity Sensor wp5 pro Not work or how it work... Click on the screen as you talk 
5 Ori1989 5 173
Oukitel WP5 Pro - Charging port replacement I am trying to replace the charging port in my wp5 pro. Can you give me some dissasembly inatructions?
0 ChadMc 0 113
Oukitel C19 - Edge led's not flashing after text,missed call or WhatsApp I have just bought a new mobile and the edge led's appear not to work.So you have no notification of a Whats App,text message or a missed...
4 MarkWightman 4 147
Oukitel C15 Pro - lost pin I have lost my pin and also need the manual
1 Keef 1 59
Oukitel C19 - Display over other apps is locked. Hiya, does anyone know how to enable this feature please? The phone just says it's disabled for the sake of the battery.
8 Broc 8 169
Oukitel C1 - Doesn't come on again It doesn't charge or turn on again I have tried the charger it came with but nothing. Doesn't show any sign .. I can't turn it on again .
1 Tinu 1 82
Oukitel K8 - Oukitel "Rugged" on Verizon network Which Oukitel "Rugged" phone can I use on the Verizon network ?
1 Doda 1 73
Oukitel C15 Pro - Very low sound The speaker is so quiet I have to use loudspeaker on a normal telephone call.Everything is switched up to max, system sounds good and playback MP3...
1 sshaker2 1 142
Oukitel C15 Pro - Call volume The person I am calling hs trouble hearing me.
1 u406261 1 109
Oukitel C15 Pro - C15 Pro totally Crashed one of the two C15Pro's we have has crashed totally not charging 
1 Alan 1 74
Oukitel C15 Pro - mobile issue when calling people they are unable to hear me. All they can hear is a crackling sound  
6 crow2020 6 103
Oukitel C12 Pro - New screen Can you give instruction on where I can get a new screen fitted.
1 como 1 87
Oukitel WP2 - Can Android 6 Installed on it? Hi.I have Oukitel WP5 (which is based on WP2) with Android 9 Pie.I dont like Android 9 at all. Can Android 6 Marshmellow be installed on it? I dont... Solved
4 Ira_Kodich 4 109
Oukitel C15 Pro - My Android password I have just moved my sim from my old iPhone into this new Oukitel.  The first message which comes up is a request for my android password!...
5 Toadflax 5 130
Oukitel WP2 - Can I charge my earbud? Hi.I have WP5 not WP2. But WP5 is based on WP2.I bought bluetooth earbuds which says: only charge with 5V 1A adapter.I suppose, like Oukitel... Solved
6 Ira_Kodich 6 133