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Oukitel C15 Pro - My Android password I have just moved my sim from my old iPhone into this new Oukitel.  The first message which comes up is a request for my android password!...
5 Toadflax 5 34
Oukitel WP2 - Can I charge my earbud? Hi.I have WP5 not WP2. But WP5 is based on WP2.I bought bluetooth earbuds which says: only charge with 5V 1A adapter.I suppose, like Oukitel...
6 Ira_Kodich 6 30
Oukitel K10000 - No device can senses my Oukitel K10000 if it is a wifi hotspot. When i make my K10000 as a hotspot, other devices can see it but none of them receives its internet. Solved
9 Ira_Kodich 9 33
Oukitel C15 Pro - Camera Problem My phone camera has been disabled due to security Policy and it has also affected the flash light and other apps relating to camera 
11 Sixtus 11 65
Oukitel K9 - New startup stuck at main camera Just got new oukitel k9 and it booted up like a computer. It stopped booting and says " main camera" . It is frozen and I can't turn off , buttons...
3 GymBird 3 46
Oukitel WP5000 - Apps crash. Any solution? Hi, Yesterday I unboxed my new Oukitel WP5 (not 5000). As soon as I got it up and running, of course I have tried to use it. But 9 out of 10... Solved
1 Elena 1 50
Oukitel C15 Pro - Unable to connect to my PC to transfer photos I want to transfer my photos to my PC.When I connect using a USB cable the PC gives a sound and the phone screen lights up indicating it has been...
3 Stenne 3 99
Oukitel WP1 - Screen wont light up Screen wont light up. Cannot see who is calling or who I have called. 
1 Bachcarol 1 43
Oukitel C15 Pro - Sound echoes badly Voice calls echo badly unless on loud speaker. The phone is only 10 months old.
1 Tommo 1 63
Oukitel C12 Pro - Curious What is the top button? It has these two dots I can't figure out what it is  
0 Graciemay5530 0 48
Oukitel C15 Pro - Whatsapp over wi-fi We are now doing a weekly group video quiz using whatsapp ,over wi-fi, and all using different makes of phones but we have isolated and confirmed...
9 marlg 9 90
Oukitel C15 Pro - Zoom on camera How do you zoom in when taking a photograph
1 Hillcrest12 1 184
Oukitel C15 Pro - how to stop speechover I have inadvertently launched double voice speechover which also  requires double tap to activate each button. I can find no setting with...
1 Royston2011 1 75
Oukitel C15 Pro - Video Recording I am unable to record video. The phone is telling me "the camera recording function cannot be activated during screen or sound recording, Please...
0 Stewpot 0 83
Oukitel K6000 - Phone shut off For no reason my phone shut off and will not turn back on, the phone was nearly fully charged. I've plugged into my laptop and now the device...
0 Clarsyv8 0 72
Oukitel C15 Pro - How do I get phone to wake when called, or texted ? How do I get phone to wake when called, or texted ?
0 RobbyUK 0 102
Oukitel U18 - blocked access good night, my dad gave me a used cell phone, bought by the company that was in possession of a seller, this seller left the company and my dad got...
0 fescobino 0 106
Oukitel C15 Pro - Text HiI am not receiving Texts
0 Gwbert 0 102
Oukitel C15 Pro - Navigation bar The navigation bar has stopped responding any tap on screen picks up the screen above ie opening above email or WhatsApp message 
0 Aligra66 0 107
Oukitel C1 - Phone won't turn on after charging for 12 hours Phone came with a direct current charger and a USB cable. I charged phone with my alternating current charger and the included USB cable. It does...
0 KrissyKringle49 0 90
Oukitel C15 Pro - I cannot ring out The ring out panel displays correctly but no contact is made with recipient, the ring function goes for set time then asks for text msg to send,...
0 Raytel84 0 125
Oukitel C15 Pro - Digital clock gone missing on normal wallpaper screen? I can't raise my digital clock on the normal wallpaper screen... It seems to have disappeared!! How do I get it back?
0 towag 0 123
Oukitel C15 Pro - Declaration of conformity Where can I find/download the Declaration of conformity for the mentioned phone. Need it asap to release my phone from the customs
0 Cnew01 0 78
Oukitel C15 Pro - Cennecting phone to Computer Every time I try to download photos from my phone to my computer it asks me to unlock the phone.  How do i do this?
0 Bulgaria5 0 196
Oukitel K9 - Screen goes black. the screen goes black from one moment to the next without doing anything.
0 Blacksunn 0 123
Oukitel K9 - Menu Where is the menu button so that I can display apps alphabetically?
0 Tacol 0 130
Oukitel C12 - Telephone calls When I make a call the person on the other end cannot hear me. I have purchased two of these phones and t  the problem is the same on...
0 jmcmul15 0 105
Oukitel C12 Pro - Storage access In settings, When I attempt to access storage on my phone, settings stops working. 
0 Jaguar123 0 242
0 terdesz 0 380
Oukitel K10000 - spontaneous android update hangs Hi!I have K10000 and K7. Both of them started to upgrade spontaneously this morning (2019-1-09 08:00 EET).On K7 battery ran out. K10000 I managed...
0 VeikkoNyfors 0 141