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Oukitel C15 Pro - How do I get phone to wake when called, or texted ? How do I get phone to wake when called, or texted ?
0 RobbyUK 0 23
Oukitel U18 - blocked access good night, my dad gave me a used cell phone, bought by the company that was in possession of a seller, this seller left the company and my dad got...
0 fescobino 0 30
Oukitel C15 Pro - Text HiI am not receiving Texts
0 Gwbert 0 39
Oukitel C15 Pro - Navigation bar The navigation bar has stopped responding any tap on screen picks up the screen above ie opening above email or WhatsApp message 
0 Aligra66 0 40
Oukitel C1 - Phone won't turn on after charging for 12 hours Phone came with a direct current charger and a USB cable. I charged phone with my alternating current charger and the included USB cable. It does...
0 KrissyKringle49 0 34
Oukitel C15 Pro - I cannot ring out The ring out panel displays correctly but no contact is made with recipient, the ring function goes for set time then asks for text msg to send,...
0 Raytel84 0 52
Oukitel C15 Pro - Digital clock gone missing on normal wallpaper screen? I can't raise my digital clock on the normal wallpaper screen... It seems to have disappeared!! How do I get it back?
0 towag 0 35
Oukitel C15 Pro - Declaration of conformity Where can I find/download the Declaration of conformity for the mentioned phone. Need it asap to release my phone from the customs
0 Cnew01 0 41
Oukitel C15 Pro - Cennecting phone to Computer Every time I try to download photos from my phone to my computer it asks me to unlock the phone.  How do i do this?
0 Bulgaria5 0 48
Oukitel K9 - Screen goes black. the screen goes black from one moment to the next without doing anything.
0 Blacksunn 0 60
Oukitel K9 - Menu Where is the menu button so that I can display apps alphabetically?
0 Tacol 0 62
Oukitel C12 - Telephone calls When I make a call the person on the other end cannot hear me. I have purchased two of these phones and t  the problem is the same on...
0 jmcmul15 0 58
Oukitel C12 Pro - Storage access In settings, When I attempt to access storage on my phone, settings stops working. 
0 Jaguar123 0 126
0 terdesz 0 244
Oukitel K10000 - spontaneous android update hangs Hi!I have K10000 and K7. Both of them started to upgrade spontaneously this morning (2019-1-09 08:00 EET).On K7 battery ran out. K10000 I managed...
0 VeikkoNyfors 0 80
Oukitel K9 - Data read that this phone only connects to wi-fi and not mobile data.can that be correct?thanksjack
0 Tacol 0 101
Oukitel C15 Pro - No sound on vehicle Bluetooth Phone paired thro Bluetooth but no sound evident on vehicle or phone. How do I correct this
0 Hogster 0 87
Oukitel C13 Pro - Android password New phone never used. Saying, to start android, enter your password.I don't have one. What shall I do?
0 Mashkur 0 77
Oukitel C15 Pro - No sound No dial tone or speech can be heard  
0 Dickiemint 0 157
Oukitel C12 Pro - Phone not working Phone switching on lighting up purple but no screen or sound
0 Lynda08 0 60
Oukitel K9 - Can't send MMS Just bought an Oukitel 9 everything is working great except. I can't send video of pictures it only says sending ND I have at text the says my...
0 stephaniebonilla16 0 63
Oukitel C15 Pro - How do I attach photos to Messages When I've used sent text messages with other phones I've always been able to attach photos.  There does not appear to be an attachment option...
1 NewOukitelOwner123 1 104
Oukitel C13 Pro - SIM card not registering number - Not Making or Receiving Calls I have a SIM that works in any other phone, carrier Aldi/Telstra.When the SIM is in the Oukitel, it won't make or receive calls.The phone is not...
0 QOTN 0 244
Oukitel C15 Pro - Sim card My sim card doesnot  ffit the c15, I have a telstra one from my samsung phone in Australia.
0 Deb 0 199
Oukitel C12 Pro - Not booting My c12 pro is not booting complete, it hangs at oukitel logo
0 Joe 0 48
Oukitel C15 Pro - How do I open the back to insert my SIM card? How can I open back cover for inserting my Sim Card? 
1 pn28 1 497
Oukitel C15 Pro - cant t log in wrong password cant log in thay say wrong password
0 johnnysl8n 0 78
Oukitel C12 - keypad I have lost keypaddoes not appear on screen when phone is switched on how do I get it back please 
1 caitlin 1 50
Oukitel C15 Pro - No incoming calls Can not receive incoming calls. Does not ring either.
2 Oldtroll 2 370
Oukitel C15 Pro - how to open the phone to insert the sim card how to open the phone to insert the sim card
0 Frans 0 443