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my device will not start Oukitel C12 Pro · 2 days ago · From teddy8527

when i put the phone on  the oukitel logo comes on and it does go off again.When I hold the power off button, the phone doesnt  shuts...

camera Oukitel C12 · 3 days ago · From shayla

My camera doesn't seem to work. The actual camera says "can't connect to the camera. Please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or...

storage Oukitel C12 Pro · 4 days ago · From Flo

Hi,I cannot access storage setting and my phone is showing me SD card not available 

Microphone issues Oukitel U25 Pro · 2 weeks ago · From Alex

Hello,I since the latest Firmware update I have issues with my device: The microphone is working improperly (voice recording, calls both by...

Mobile Data won't come on Oukitel C12 Pro · 3 weeks ago · From Stsonic

My mobile data doesn't come on. The only time it turns on is when I have a data plan.

how to update Oukitel U18 · 1 month ago · From ptecn

This is my first post  how u18 to software update please.

Display of Chinese language on screen Oukitel C11 Pro · 1 month ago · From Damadion

The phone display two lines of Chinese language with maybe it's corresponding English at the top right corner of the screen.tee keygoogle keyThose...

Sound problem Oukitel K12 · 1 month ago · From Mira

The incoming sound of the phone stopped working today - I can not hear the caller, but they can hear me. 

my phone dont power on pls help me Oukitel C12 Pro · 1 month ago · From Bogdan123

Im bought oukitel c12 pro and when i try to power on him he wont do this

Not receiving sms Oukitel K9 · 2 months ago · From Chris

Oukitel k9 isn't receiving sms. Sends fine but doesn't receive. 

Upgrade problem Oukitel C15 Pro · 2 months ago · From Immortal

My Outkitel C15 Pro is showing an error when  updating it, then restarts. What can I do?

To start andriod, enter pin...? Oukitel C13 · 2 months ago · From Tbarrows

Hi,  I've just bought this brand new unlocked phone from Amazon and bought a SIM separately. I've activated the new SIM and...

No Sound Oukitel C12 Pro · 2 months ago · From Dj60

When I get a call, message or any other notification there is no ring tone but if I watch a video there is sound! I am not on do not disturb either.

Cannot make or receive calls Oukitel K9 · 2 months ago · From Mufc04

I got this phone to use on T-Mobile in the US I have checked and the phone has four out of the six frequencies the T-Mobile is using the only one...

Phone wont power off completely Oukitel C12 Pro · 2 months ago · From davidandkeiley

When I hold the power off button, the phone shuts down but not fully, the screen goes black and shows the Oukitel logo like it has frozen. I have...

My drop down notification is not working Oukitel C12 Pro · 2 months ago · From Nkamuel

Hello, this Evening I realised that I could no longrr access my notification box by pulling it down.please I need assistance