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Vernee - Questions

This are the questions that were already asked about Vernee.

Vernee M7 - no network - notification sound Is there a way to switch off the notification sound for having "no network" connectivity?I live in a house where the 4g does not penetrate the...
4 aramilia 4 82
Vernee M6 - Vernee M6 - Notification green led Hello,I would know how to disable the green led that, I don't know why, becomes always on.Thanks in advance
1 anjopai 1 75
Vernee Thor E - Vernee Thor E won't start Hi everyone.My Vernee Thor E, bought around 2 years ago, turned off by itself today after the battery depleted completly. So I plugged it in for...
3 blues07 3 100
Vernee X1 - How can i stop callers hearing their own echo? Call receivers are hearing an echo all the time.  How can i stop this?I've tried with sound enhancement on and off and it doesn't make a...
5 Cal 5 110
Vernee Thor E - Internet constantly dropping Phone will not stay connected to router. Constantly have to reboot it. What do I do to solve this. Other devices don't do this. Nothing wrong with... Solved
5 rd1951 5 135
Vernee M7 - I have forgotten my pin I change the pin on my son's phone as he was not being responsible with it, but now I cannot remember what I changed it to and am on my last 8...
3 Mark8881 3 125
Vernee X - start niet op. geacht heer/mevrouw,ik heb de lcd scherm van vernee x vervangen, dat is allemaal goed gegaan, maar als ik hem start je ziet wel de logo na enkel...
0 nadir 0 107
Vernee T3 Pro - Phone screen turns off while I am busy using it The phone works well during the day but it switches itself off during the afternoon around 6/7 pm than switch itself on in the morning..What might...
0 MissViv 0 132
Vernee T3 Pro - How can I delete a contact from my vernee t3pro? I try deleting a contact from my device but it kept on telling me it can only hide but it still didn't remove the contact
0 Ugo 0 178
Vernee T3 Pro - Camera Can't find how to switch between cameras on my Vernee T3 Pro 
1 Ernis6556 1 163
Vernee V2 Pro - key side screen Is it possible to configure the side creen capture key? thanks
0 jjjrrr 0 205