I have issue with my new phone Xiaomi Redmi 10. The sim storage is full and I keep receiving notifications that "sim storage is full". This notification constantly interrupt my network. I have tried to delete messages but in no time I get the same notification again. 

I tried to follow your video on YouTube but when I tap on sim card messages, it's empty.

Besides, it seem the storage space is low. My former phone (Tecno) had a very large space for SMS 

I will attached screenshots.

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Attached pictures:

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Hi DLaw,

thanks for creating a thread and for the detailed description! I have been thinking about this in the meantime. Could it be that it is not the sms messages but the contacts on the SIM card?

I will also talk to my colleague if he had read about this problem before.

Best regards,

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