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This are the questions that were already asked about YAMAY.

YAMAY Fitness Armband - charging which way do you plug the watch into the usb port????
1 wjf0621 1 74
YAMAY Fitness Armband - Blood pressure readings Hi,Can you tell me if there is a way to track a week's worth of blood pressure readings?  There are arrows to move left and right to change...
3 Tinacott 3 126
YAMAY Fitness Armband - calibration not sure how to calibrate for correct blood pressure
0 Terre 0 152
YAMAY Fitness Armband - New phone I have a new phone how to I change my yamay fitness tracker onto my new phone 
3 Kez1979 3 214
YAMAY Fitness Armband - Touch screen I love my smart watch, but a couple of weeks ago the touch screen stopped working.  It still shows the time, etc., but I can't access any of...
4 rdavis1121 4 217
YAMAY Fitness Armband - Not calculating correctly For the last week my watch has not been calculating steps nor distance correctly. i have been doing the same Park route which is .62 of a mile and...
2 Moniqued_9 2 186
YAMAY Fitness Armband - No Display All that is showing on the display is a full battery with a happy face.  We have not been able to see data from previous days for the last 4...
5 horton250 5 177
YAMAY Fitness Armband - YAMAY SW020 firmware update problem Hello, Following the firmware update of my yamay sw020 watch. the watch remains blocked at 55% updated. how to reset the watch without...
0 mickael 0 842
YAMAY Fitness Armband - time How do i change the time on my device?
0 jordanwalters2018 0 408
YAMAY Fitness Armband - users manual Need to find out how to make it work
0 GetFitGma 0 412