My handset will not recognise any SD cards that I insert into it. I've had the handset for 1 month and at first it was working with an SD card, but upon me removing and reinstalling the SD card it now does not recognise that one is present. Any help please? Thanks people


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Hello. Have you already tried deploying the SD card, or is it not recognized in the settings at all?

Android 9
How to Mount SD Card -  Open the  Settings
How to Mount SD Card -  Tap on  Storage
How to Mount SD Card -  Tap on  SD card
How to Mount SD Card -  Tap on  Mount
  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on Storage
  3. Tap on SD card
  4. Tap on Mount


It is not recognised as being present in settings or any other app utility, I have tried a brand new SD card with no difference either


Hello DaymoDaGreat85!

If a brand new SD card has been tried and it doesn't work either, I would say it's because of the device.

This would require you to visit a repair store near you.


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