Blackview A7 Pro

Blackview A7 Pro

I was using Zedge and had a live wallpaper selected for my background. For some reason today it reverted to the original wallpaper and Zedge no longer have that live wallpaper. Thankfully it is saved on my phone, but when I select Wallpaper from the settings, it comes up with a Theme screen with no options to select from photos or albums. I have uninstalled Zedge and rebooted in case it was this causing the problem but it still doesn't show anything but the theme screen. When I have searched online, nowhere mentions a theme screen, just an option to show wallpapers and where from. Even when you press the home screen for a period, it shows "Theme" at the bottom instead of "Wallpaper" as all help guides say it should say. What is causing this problem?

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Blackview A7 Pro: Specifications
Display5 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediaTek MT6737
Memory 2 GB
Internal storage 16 GB
Camera8 + 0.3 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 7 Nougat
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