The battery on my BV5500 was not holding the charge and the device kept shutting down, I have read the others comments and tried a few things like trying a fast charge cable,nothing happened.

My Bv5500  will not turn on,or charge or go on safe mode or recovery ..Device is totally unresponsive .

Advice and support needed !!!!! HELP 

Thanks in advance 

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Hello Pussyc4T!

Have you already tried to charge the phone all night long and then force it to start? To do so, press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.



Hi Thanks for the reply and suggestion, I have previously tried this and nothing happend.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, there is not much left to try to force the device to start at all.

Does the device show any movement when the charging cable is connected (be it only the slightest reaction like a short vibration or something else?)


Absolutely nothing, it's been like this for over week now,. Left it on. Charge for a least 15hours ,but it's not charged, nothing ,no breathing lite,tried the advice o of changing the plug and the power cable USB,to scupper charging one that was pointless. Not even had the device that long ????

Hello again!

If everything does not work, it will unfortunately be due to a defect in the battery.

You already said that the performance has decreased. I think that was the point in time.




I'm now moving on to the supplier and hopefully get it repaired, or replacement.. ANY idea's on the starting point for me to be able to do this !! 

Hello again!

We thank you for the kindly feedback and of course we hope that there will be the best possible solution for you.

If you have a question in the future, you are always welcome.

All the best!


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