I have a problem with the settings on my BV5500 changing on their own.  The most annoying is the accessibility setting for my Eset security app, which needs that setting set to "allow" in order to protect against phishing in messages & e-mail.  This setting gets changed back to "disallow" daily, sometimes more than once a day.  Other settings get changed on their own, such as volume, power settings, etc., but not as often.  

The operating system is Android 10.

If anyone knows how I can fix this problem, please let me know.


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Hi WilliEE!

Generally a direct reboot, after changing important settings, can help.

What is also often underestimated is cleaning up the memory.

Has this already been tried?



Thank you, Denny.

Yes, I have tried a reboot.  It doesn't seem to change anything.  Just now I tried turning the Eset accessibility in Accessibility settings off and then back on, then rebooted, and we'll see.  It takes a day for the problem to occur, usually.


Well, today it just did it again, so the fresh reboot right after changing the settings didn't help.

This phone or its operating system has a mind of its own.  Not sure if this is an Android issue or a Blackview issue.  Almost makes me want to switch to that other type of phone (but won't!).  I wish there were an alternate operating system and a phone to support it - like a mobile version of Ubuntu or something.

Hi WilliEE!

Unfortunately, there is no alternative operating system.

I would rather guess that it is a software bug. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if the problem would be fixed after a reset. That's up to you to decide.


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