Hi, I have a bv 9700 Pro and I can't manage to pare it with a Galaxy watch 2 from Samsung threw the galaxy wearable application.Could you help me, or let me know if those 2 products are not compatible?Regards


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Hello, Thouny!

Normally the devices should be compatible with each other.

How does it behave if you initially only pair the Galaxy Watch 2 via Bluetooth without using the app?




It depends of the moment, very strange.

From time to time ok, from time to time impossible to connect!

I don't understand why, because both blue tooth are switched on, and looking at the other!

Thanks for your help

Hello, THOUNY!

Do you have the possibility to pair the Galaxy Watch with another phone to avoid possible problems?



Yes, i Can try to pair my watch with another cellphone.

I will let you know the result, please be patient, it will need time, maybe 2 days.



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