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Cubot P30 - Service Centre I had a problem with my phone (in pristine condition) so i sent it away to the service Centre they told me it was the main board so they replaced...
1 Johhnyshank 1 8
Cubot X19 - I Can't receive texts Why Can't I Receive Any Of My Text Messages?
1 DannyTanner 1 32
Cubot P20 - Fault with vibrate Hi, For the last four months vibrate is playing up on my Cubot P20. Some days  vibrate works well then I get a span of days where it...
1 Carmen 1 27
Cubot X18 - No sound My Cubot X18 Plus has suddenly stopped given sound. It is completely silent, no music, no sign-in sound, no phone etc, as if someone has...
3 Hamishak1 3 40
Cubot King Kong 3 - Network sharing keeps breaking the connection and reception is poor I bought the phone for my son for it's battery specs and durability. He is sharing the connection at home for his computer (100mb unlimited 4G...
4 Netmonkey 4 80
Cubot P30 - Camera does not appear The camera tile has disappeared from my Cobut P30 phone.It is present in applications and notifications.It is present in applications and...
1 Jencici 1 44
Cubot X19 - how do I setup voicemail I haven't setup my voicemail, but it already seems to have a password as if it has been setup.  My phone is supposed to be brand new, so I...
1 flightfrank85 1 76
Cubot X19 - How do I change the grid size on my home screen to 5x5 instead of 4x4 How do I change the grid size on my home screen to 5x5 instead of 4x4 for my apps and such my last one was already set this way I can't do it on...
1 heatherwomble91 1 49
Cubot X19 - Apps keep closing I bought this phone a short time ago since i got it its been shutting down apps while im trying to use them seems like only google apps so maybe...
1 phuckinN3WB 1 43
Cubot X20 Pro - Alarm opens when on phone call When I talk on phone the alarm menu plus other apps open.   Very annoying.  Help please
1 KiwiGirl 1 57
Cubot V1 - Screen does not turn on How fix if the screen wont turn on 
1 Bepzzcubot 1 61
Cubot R15 Pro - self- powering off and on 1. The phone has got to become virtually useless. What started as a once every few days problem has escalated to today with it powering itself off...
2 AndrewCrying 2 76
Cubot King Kong - No text sound? Hi! I have all sounds/notifications turned on and I get a sound when I receive an email, but when I receive a text There is only a visual...
1 Chelly 1 102
Cubot X20 Pro - help center Can anyone give me a contact number for Cubot phone problems ..because the number and email support on their web site don't answer any emails.
1 fethiye18 1 76
Cubot X20 Pro - call quality Hi, can anyone tell me how to fix my problem as in when someone phones me the quality of the call drops off as in the caller can't hear what i am...
11 fethiye18 11 125
Cubot J7 - Incoming call display problem. When I get an incoming call on my Cubot J7 phone, it does not display the incoming caller ID. Nothing at all appears on the display (apart... Solved
3 wolosp 3 169
Cubot X19 - Can't hear caller After a few minutes I cannot hear My caller. I can hear them. If they call back it's ok for a few minutes it happens again.
1 Uncledick 1 111
Cubot P30 - Selfie Camera My selfie camera is no longer working,I recently updated my software and it's just black and white back camera that keeps popping up on my selfie...
1 Smirnazee 1 84
Cubot King Kong - preferred network my preferred network is not giving me the option to return to 4g,it is currently on 3g but i have the phone set on 4g lte mode,not sure if 4g not...
1 barns 1 86
Cubot P30 - Home customization Hi, I can't customize my phone's home. Everytime I turn the phone off or it restarts, the apps that I use just disappear and it goes back to its... Solved
4 Hana_Bi313 4 84
Cubot Quest Lite - Ringtone I have just bought a new cubot quest lite and want to add my own ringtone but it will not let me could you tell me how it please 
5 Michelle 5 94
Cubot X19 - Gallery App non existent Do Cubot x19 come without a gallery app, as mine does no seem to have one
1 Enchantedmonk1 1 128
Cubot P30 - Won't turn on Won't turn on after long press 10 secs
1 Bonehead 1 84
Cubot P30 - Won't turn on Let it drop ..can it be fixed. Won't turn on .no visible damage.
2 Bonehead 2 99
Cubot King Kong - software update the the latest live update is starting to annoy me as it will down load, when I press to install I get a warning ( the device is about to restart...
9 Johndoe23 9 245
Cubot X20 Pro - My phone keeps removing the icon for my banking app from the home screen I use the Barclays app for banking on my phone. Recently I have discovered that the app icon keeps disappearing from my phone. When I check the app...
1 GrandiaKnight 1 145
Cubot X19 - Hotspot won't work My hotspot will connect to the device I want it to but then it'll say that there is no connection. And my internet connection is fine. Or other...
0 Senpais_queen 0 108
Cubot P30 - Camera After factory reset.My factory camera is gone.
1 Jencici 1 101
Cubot King Kong - internet my phones internet wont work it keeps saying im offline and every things on and i have data
1 jan 1 103
Cubot P30 - My phone makes a static noise Whenever I use my speakers for anything my speakers start a static noise over the top and also happens when I get a notification. 
1 Riyaz 1 102