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Cubot X19 - Can not unlock phone I set up finger print recognition and a password but my phone seems to be frozen and is not allowing me to access it 
0 Rachel86 0 12
Cubot Max 2 - il mio interlocutore non può sentirmi io mi connetto al mio interlocutore, io sento la sua voce ma lui non sente la mia voce !!!per una vostra risposta alla mia email  ...
0 Navarro45 0 20
Cubot Max 2 - il mio interlocutore non può sentirmi Dopo a connettermi con il mio interlocutore, io sento la sua voce, ma lui non sente la mia voce. Grazie !
0 Navarro45 0 21
Cubot P20 - Vibration Mr Cubot P20 has suddenly stopped vibrating.  Vibration mode is on for notifications but it still doesnt vibrate anymore. 
0 Carmen 0 26
Cubot King Kong - Locked screen clock Hi, after actualization of King Kong mini, analog clock appeared on the locked screen even if my phone is set to use a digital clock. I don't...
1 Bombura 1 178
Cubot X20 Pro - Photo Quality The photo quality on my 4 month old Cubot X20 Pro is awful! When I zoom the photo in it becomes very blocky, this never happened with my Cubot...
0 gordon 0 39
Cubot X15 - Phone won't charge or turn on HiCan you help?My phone won't charge or turn on, ive tried 5 different cables and plugging in using different wall sockets around the house and...
0 lourickerby 0 35
Cubot Quest - Dual Sim Configuration Problems I currently live in Spain and bought the phone in Sept 2019 from Amazon UK. Until now it has been used only with WiFi pending obtaining a nano sim...
0 Cubot15121 0 61
Cubot X20 Pro - during the call, if the called person speaks he cannot hear if I speak. during the call, if the called person speaks he cannot hear if I speak.
0 cdc396 0 73
Cubot R15 - Won't turn on Phone won't turn on
0 Tasha 0 42
Cubot X20 Pro - bad call quality I purchased the phone 3 months ago but have had olts of problems when people phone me and after 3 /4 mins the quality of the call deteriorates in...
0 fethiye18 0 82
Cubot Nova - WiFi Calling Hi, Can you tell me if this phone supports WiFi calling?  i.e. - my network sim includes WiFi calling - does the phone have the option in...
0 Ruth 0 66
Cubot J3 - čišćenje kontakt liste - imenika Kako obrisati nepotrebne kontakte iz imenika. Telefon pokazuje da je nemoguće obrisati i da je kontakt jedino za čitanje
0 Srdjan 0 30
Cubot X19 - New phone not working Unable to use phone as no-one can hear me, really not acceptable to receive a new product that doesn't do what all phones should do, that is make...
0 Debbee58 0 111
Cubot X19 - My conversation partner can't hear me My conversation partner can't hear me
0 Debbee58 0 48
Cubot X19 - Can’t hear caller When I ring someone they can hear me but I can’t hear them. Also when I answer a call they can hear me but I can’t hear them.
0 Sophieanne 0 109
Cubot R19 - Drop menu Drop menu stopped working
0 Happyphil1977 0 37
Cubot X19 - Curse words How can I turn on the function to allow curse words when I speak
0 TurinHeads 0 55
Cubot X20 Pro - Screen Wake I'm trying to set my Cubot x20pro to screen wake when I a) get a notification and b) pick up the phone.I've tried looking in Display but there is...
0 tricky9975 0 87
Cubot P30 - How can i desactivate the camera's auto focus? I have a P30 and I want to desactivate the auto focus because If i recorded a video it is blurred.Thank you for your help.
0 loremahe 0 68
Cubot P30 - Menu button missing I upgraded by phone from Cubot P20 to Cubot P30 and there are icons missing from the main screen including 'menu', 'contacts' and...
0 ChrissieW 0 120
Cubot X19 - Bluetooth and Xender passwords My phone is always asking for a Bluetooth and Xender passwords when I open them and it's new, I haven't set the passwords
0 Thadius 0 120
Cubot F1 - no function any more After the last training session no function anymore. i have load up the f 1 but no function. Can you help me?Is there a possibility to restart the...
7 Tippone 7 122
Cubot X20 Pro - Bluetooth hearing aids Got the phone. No user manuaL. Unable get drop down window so I can connect my aids  and can’t pair up my aids either..   Ready to return...
0 Russellschroeder3609 0 123
Cubot R19 - No sim I have inserted sim in new handset. When I turn phone on it says no sim 
0 Lynn 0 74
Cubot X19 - Camera mode I have read that the cubot x19 has a great camera however my device only shows normal mode with no other settings. Where can I select panoramic or...
0 liisamcmahon 0 380
Cubot Max 2 - auto answer how to enable auto answer on my bluetooth ear piece
0 alev 0 130
Cubot X19 - Internet I have a problem with the internet I can't activate it but can call and sms. Do we have phone settings for the internet not connected to service...
0 Vic 0 164
Cubot X20 Pro - Does the Cubot X20 Pro support metropcs? I need to know if metropcs supports the Cubot X20 Pro because thats the network I use. Please, I need help. :/
0 Roeman 0 163
Cubot R19 - Won't dial out New phone - sim installed, phone recognises sim, dials out but call doesn't go through, trying to ring the R19 phone from another phone - it goes...
0 Yvonne 0 57