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Cubot X19 - Bluetooth and Xender passwords My phone is always asking for a Bluetooth and Xender passwords when I open them and it's new, I haven't set the passwords
0 Thadius 0 4
Cubot F1 - no function any more After the last training session no function anymore. i have load up the f 1 but no function. Can you help me?Is there a possibility to restart the...
0 Tippone 0 33
Cubot X20 Pro - Bluetooth hearing aids Got the phone. No user manuaL. Unable get drop down window so I can connect my aids  and can’t pair up my aids either..   Ready to return...
0 Russellschroeder3609 0 39
Cubot R19 - No sim I have inserted sim in new handset. When I turn phone on it says no sim 
0 Lynn 0 31
Cubot X19 - Camera mode I have read that the cubot x19 has a great camera however my device only shows normal mode with no other settings. Where can I select panoramic or...
0 liisamcmahon 0 79
Cubot Max 2 - auto answer how to enable auto answer on my bluetooth ear piece
0 alev 0 26
Cubot X19 - Internet I have a problem with the internet I can't activate it but can call and sms. Do we have phone settings for the internet not connected to service...
0 Vic 0 32
Cubot X20 Pro - Does the Cubot X20 Pro support metropcs? I need to know if metropcs supports the Cubot X20 Pro because thats the network I use. Please, I need help. :/
0 Roeman 0 36
Cubot R19 - Won't dial out New phone - sim installed, phone recognises sim, dials out but call doesn't go through, trying to ring the R19 phone from another phone - it goes...
0 Yvonne 0 19
Cubot X12 - Cubot x12 How to gain access to the sim card
0 Superblades 0 18
Cubot X20 Pro - cant upload own ringtones Its my 3rd Cubot phone and I am very satisfied with the quality.  But I cant upload my own ringtones . The system tells it is not possible to...
0 borutzizek 0 27
Cubot Max 2 - to avoid battery drain How to close all open apps after using. On old phone had Brush icon. cannot find one on this phone.
0 fishypie12 0 24
Cubot X19 - Screen Won't Turn On Bought the phone 5 days ago. Worked perfectly then suddenly stopped responding altogether. Red light comes on to indicate it is charging but the...
0 xelaroma 0 38
Cubot Nova - Passcode I can’t remember the pin i set for the phone so i can not do anything now. Help need please 
0 Sylvie34 0 12
Cubot P20 - answer incoming calls on a cubot P20 The new CUBOT P 20, does not show away to answer incoming calls. It rings but does not display a call is incoming in or away to...
0 bob9 0 65
Cubot X19 - When i 'm receiving a call i can hear the sound but the screen won't ope When i 'm receiving a call  i can hear the sound but the screen won't open, it remains black  and i can't answer the call....
0 dimmex 0 17
Cubot Power - I can't find the Gallery App on my Cubot Power. I can't find the gallery on my cubot power. Kindly assist me in getting it back. Thanks
0 JohnChidi 0 20
Cubot P9 - P9 - network problem Hello   during calls goes down, I'm talking and the call goes down. this happens frequently   seems to be a network...
0 enguia 0 23