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Cubot X19 - Bluetooth and Xender passwords My phone is always asking for a Bluetooth and Xender passwords when I open them and it's new, I haven't set the passwords
0 Thadius 0 7
Cubot X19 - Camera mode I have read that the cubot x19 has a great camera however my device only shows normal mode with no other settings. Where can I select panoramic or...
0 liisamcmahon 0 88
Cubot X19 - Internet I have a problem with the internet I can't activate it but can call and sms. Do we have phone settings for the internet not connected to service...
0 Vic 0 33
Cubot X19 - Screen Won't Turn On Bought the phone 5 days ago. Worked perfectly then suddenly stopped responding altogether. Red light comes on to indicate it is charging but the...
0 xelaroma 0 41
Cubot X19 - When i 'm receiving a call i can hear the sound but the screen won't ope When i 'm receiving a call  i can hear the sound but the screen won't open, it remains black  and i can't answer the call....
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Android 8

Explained step by step - 179 simulator instructions
  1. First Steps

  2. Homescreen

  3. Settings

    1. Storage

    2. System

      1. Miscellaneous

      2. Accessibility

      3. Battery

      4. Language & input

      5. Date & time

      6. Security & Location

      7. Sound

      8. Display

    3. Network & Internet

      1. USB

      2. Bluetooth

      3. WIFI

      4. Mobile network

  4. Functions

    1. Mail

    2. Alarm

    3. Camera

    4. Contacts

    5. Messages

    6. Calls

  5. Apps

    1. Google Play Store

    2. Chrome

    3. Settings

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Cubot X19: Specifications
Display5.93 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediatek Helio P23
Memory 4 GB
Internal storage 64 GB
Camera20 + 2 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 8.1 Oreo
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