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Doogee S60 Lite - Chinese Scam Robo Calls I've started to get Chinese scam calls hijacking UK mobile numbers. Which if I don't answer go to voicemail. Can I disable voicemail for the moment?
0 Tt10 0 7
Doogee Y9 Plus - Video won't focus When I wanted to make a video, it didn't focus and if it focused, it wasn't focused enough. Full video was blured and who wants a blured video? No...
0 Klaudia 0 19
Doogee N20 - Use of the phone marked Europe sim only Good morning,I bought a Doogee N20 but I don't know that was possible to use it only with Europe sim. I have to gift the phone to a persone...
0 Arkam 0 29
Doogee S40 - Why My S40 vibrate all the time? Doogee s40The phone is shaking all the time, even when Android is booting up.It does not shake only when it is completely off.What can I do? 
0 Shahab 0 31
Doogee S68 Pro - Can't send sms text messages Can't send SMS messages turn up message not sentAnd can't send or receive MMS messages 
0 abouzwr 0 64
Doogee S40 - mms does not work in doogee s40 mms does not work in doogee s40. I am from Poland in the Plus.gsm network. When I inserted a sim card from another network I can send mms. It...
0 monika8002 0 56
Doogee S68 Pro - I need the FCC ID number please. My device was retained by customs. My country doesn't register Doogee S68 Pro, they are asking me for the FCC ID number.
0 pabmor 0 65
Doogee X10S - No keyboard I can't access the keyboard anywhere in 5he phone, eg messaging, Google etc. Why?! Faulty phone or am I missing something obvious.
0 Cei 0 45
Doogee X10S - No access to keyboard mode for texting When I go into messaging, the phone won't let me select keyboard mode
0 Cei 0 36
Doogee S95 Pro - FCC ID Por favor cual es el FCC ID del celular DOOGEE S95 PRO necesito para homologarlo en ECUADOR. Gracias
0 beaguirre270159 0 73
Doogee S68 Pro - how to restart a doogee s68 pro how do i restart my doogee s68 pro? 
0 Rubyroobster 0 170
Doogee S68 Pro - Crashed and won't start up After purchasing a wireless docking to charge the phone as soon as we put the phone onto the charging station it switched off and now will not come...
1 Rubyroobster 1 107
Doogee Y8 - SMS not received I send sms to certain contacts but they don't receive some but do receive others. I'm using Doogee Y8. I've checked with my mobile operator (Virgin...
0 Streetendboy 0 98
Doogee N20 - Internal Speaker Failure My Doogee N20 works on earphones and Bluetooth speakers, but no sound from internal speakers. I have run a factory reset, and then diagnostic app...
0 mpiercy 0 175
Doogee S90 - Removing lock screen pattern without loss of data I would like to know if there is a way to bypass my lock screen pattern lock without resetting the device as I have forgotten it
0 Jackdodson 0 82
Doogee N20 - Cannot access mobile data My Doogee N20 will not access the the Sky Mobile Data Network in the UK!My previous Doogee X5 Pro worked perfectly until Doogee decided to stop...
0 KrishnaShiv 0 192
Doogee S90 Pro - How can I enable the below missing options on my Doogee S90 Pro? The following Options doesn't exist on my Settings:DisplayColorsAmbient displayDevice themeWhen device is in VRSecurity/Lock Screen PreferencesShow...
0 Nesnag 0 91
Doogee S68 Pro - Is it possible to use a downloaded mp3 clip as a ringtone? I have downloaded an mp3 clip.When I go to settings - sounds- phone ringtone - +add ringtone - select the downloaded mp3.It says unable to add...
0 Oliberry 0 129
Doogee S68 Pro - insert sim card Insert sim into sim slot on s68 
0 admin529 0 409
Doogee S95 Pro - Volume problem HelloThe call volume is low , once i call someone he did not hear me wellI used to put the call volume to max from setting menu but i still have...
0 Aowis 0 346
Doogee X10S - SMS i cant  send SMS messages on my new phone it comes up message not sent. It receives incoming text messages but doesn't send them out! please...
0 katie 0 63
Doogee N20 - FCC ID Buen dia, requiero el FCC ID de esta marca también para realizar su homologación en Colombia.
0 Krito0626 0 194
Doogee N10 - FCC ID Requiero el FCC ID de esta marca de celular para realizar la homologación en mi país de residencia.
0 Krito0626 0 76
Doogee BL5000 - texting still waiting for a reply to my earlier question, do not know what to do to text
0 Pepperpot1 0 56
Doogee BL5000 - Texting I do not know how to make and receive texts
0 Pepperpot1 0 55
Doogee S90 - Doogee S90 microphone sound issue during calls I just bought a Doogee S90 and the people I talk to, during the calls, all complain about hearing me with great difficulty.I have tried to increase...
0 JPCosta 0 252
Doogee X60L - Gboard keep stopping My x60l gboard keep stopping and I can't type in my pin numbers
0 Arinze 0 70
Doogee X60L - Keywords Keywords on my phone not displaying after my went off
0 Arinze 0 50
DOOGEE X5 Max Pro - Rear camera (Main Camera) not working, only front upside-down Impossible to use camera. Showing Front camera. Picture upside down. Turning doesn't help. No choice for switching from Front to Rear (Main Camera)
0 billingstad 0 155
Doogee Y8 - How to answer an incoming call? hi which is the best way to answer incoming call?
0 Bromhead 0 201