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Doogee Y7 - Battery not charging I had no problems with the phone since this morning. I put the phone as always on the charger last night. This morning it was totally dead....
4 Psalm119 4 21
Doogee X95 - Widgets Where do I find the widgets & how do I put them on the phone screen 
1 jsjswood 1 51
Doogee Y9 Plus - Internet settings and sim cards I am not able to use it for internet. Please send me the settings if it's problem.On the specifications you this phone has two sim cards which is...
1 Leoto 1 28
Doogee S68 Pro - Receive some sms not others I'm in NZ on the Spark network. I receive most messages but others never turn up at all! Thoughts?
10 MattV 10 69
Doogee N20 - Connectivity issues with WiFi I am an online gamer and I keep.losing connection to the server whilst using WiFi but is fine with mobile data. There is nothing wrong with WiFi...
1 Douglasbutler 1 54
Doogee Mix - Can't send texts Hi, YouallMy Doogee Mix has stopped Sending texts, although I can Receive Texts, & Send & Receive Voice. It is set to SMS & Vodafone 4G...
1 ChrisB 1 36
Doogee S68 Pro - Device crashed I wanted to test the devices reverse charging .So I activated the wireless charging and the device switched off .The device is dead and won't...
3 DillanRT 3 46
Doogee S40 Lite - Sleep mode every 5 seconds After two weeks of normal use. The phone now goes to sleep, screen shuts down etc after 5 seconds of no use. Even when playing music. !! As soon as...
5 Dhark 5 97
Doogee S68 Pro - The apps fall asleept Hello.  I have a problem with the applications.  When I do not use any of the applications, they stop being active or fall asleep and I...
8 Andrey 8 103
Doogee S95 Pro - WiFi Calling I am trying to setup wifi calling on my phone but although i can press on the title wifi calling it does not allow me to add my SIP or any other...
4 Skicoachuk 4 115
Doogee S68 Pro - Sms Can send messeges, but not resive? 
1 Warmlandstosen 1 97
Doogee N20 - Howe to change default launcher So I recently bought a Doogee N20. Its a great phone but I have one annoying problem. I can't change the default launcher. I want to use smart...
2 Nyarlathotep 2 112
Doogee N20 - Battery draining quickly I have has my Doogee N20 about 3 weeks, after a few teething problems all seemed ok.  Now I am finding the battery is draining very quickly...
1 TKS 1 102
Doogee X10S - my phone will not connect to my home wifi my phone disconnected from my home WiFi router and i reset my phone however this did not fix the problem. i have now factory reset my mobile and i...
9 Reanna 9 73
Doogee S60 Lite - 4g connection Hi I've just bought a Doogee s 60 lite. It won't connect to virgin media 4g (UK). It's showing 4g at the top of the phone and I can make phone...
1 Gwyn 1 55
Doogee S70 - Camera apk How can i download the camera apk becouse i deleite It by error so i have no camera any more. Please i need a solución, thanks.
1 Manuel 1 87
Doogee X9 Pro - wont turn on at all hello i have a doogee x9 pro phone and i put it on charge and all was working fine up to that point then once was fully charged i took it off...
1 martyn7871 1 60
Doogee N20 - I have a new N20 and it is in some sort of mode but I cannot get out of it. I have just got a new N20 and my Husband accidentally turned it on before I had managed to insert a SIM card.  I tried to turn it off and in...
3 TKS 3 96
Doogee S68 Pro - Camera How to select teleoption in camera?
0 Ariel 0 94
Doogee S60 Lite - Chinese Scam Robo Calls I've started to get Chinese scam calls hijacking UK mobile numbers. Which if I don't answer go to voicemail. Can I disable voicemail for the moment?
0 Tt10 0 79
Doogee Y9 Plus - Video won't focus When I wanted to make a video, it didn't focus and if it focused, it wasn't focused enough. Full video was blured and who wants a blured video? No...
0 Klaudia 0 92
Doogee N20 - Use of the phone marked Europe sim only Good morning,I bought a Doogee N20 but I don't know that was possible to use it only with Europe sim. I have to gift the phone to a persone...
0 Arkam 0 98
Doogee S40 - Why My S40 vibrate all the time? Doogee s40The phone is shaking all the time, even when Android is booting up.It does not shake only when it is completely off.What can I do? 
0 Shahab 0 90
Doogee S68 Pro - Can't send sms text messages Can't send SMS messages turn up message not sentAnd can't send or receive MMS messages 
0 abouzwr 0 274
Doogee S40 - mms does not work in doogee s40 mms does not work in doogee s40. I am from Poland in the Plus.gsm network. When I inserted a sim card from another network I can send mms. It...
0 monika8002 0 157
Doogee S68 Pro - I need the FCC ID number please. My device was retained by customs. My country doesn't register Doogee S68 Pro, they are asking me for the FCC ID number.
0 pabmor 0 141
Doogee X10S - No keyboard I can't access the keyboard anywhere in 5he phone, eg messaging, Google etc. Why?! Faulty phone or am I missing something obvious.
0 Cei 0 101
Doogee X10S - No access to keyboard mode for texting When I go into messaging, the phone won't let me select keyboard mode
0 Cei 0 100
Doogee S95 Pro - FCC ID Por favor cual es el FCC ID del celular DOOGEE S95 PRO necesito para homologarlo en ECUADOR. Gracias
0 beaguirre270159 0 163
Doogee S68 Pro - how to restart a doogee s68 pro how do i restart my doogee s68 pro? 
0 Rubyroobster 0 330