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Doogee questions

Screen turns off

Doogee Y8 · 1 day ago by Witters50

After a few seconds the screen goes off how can I keep it on for longer without going off


doogee s80Lite is blocking incoming calls bug

Doogee S80 Lite · 2 days ago by Uzuz

Greetings My boss has a  Doogee s80Lite and yesterday we ran into a bug. The bug itself...


Doogee Y8 Notifications not working

Doogee Y8 · 1 week ago by Busterboy

I have new Y8. Notifications not showing and tones not sounding on receipt


FCC-ID code

Doogee S70 Lite · 2 weeks ago by Omarlap

I need the FCC-ID to my phone DOOGEE S70 LITE, where can I check it?


Music player

Doogee Y8 · 2 weeks ago by Smiffy

I have installed apple music but the tracks just stop after about 40 seconds. The app works on my...


Camera collapsing

Doogee S55 Lite · 3 weeks ago by kate25

Hi. My question is about camera on doogee s55. The problem is that I can open camera and take...


changing ringtone on Y8, How can it be done

Doogee Y8 · 1 month ago by sarema

Can I download and change my ringtones on doogeise the processe Y8, please advise howcan I...


Trouble with charging and battery level

Doogee Mix · 2 months ago by BeatrixP

Hi! The phone worked properly until now. I have a Doogee Mix. Suddenly, charging is almost...


Change my lockscreen?

Doogee X60 · 5 months ago by Blikimore

hey, how can i change my lockscreen?