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Mobile phone won't turn on Doogee X10S · 2 days ago · From Montyhorse

Appears to be changing but won't turn on properly. The Doogee emblem comes up and that is as far as it goes. Won't do anything more. Have tried...

advice sought on how to remove back Doogee BL5500 Lite · 1 week ago · From manicmike

not sure how to remove back without using force

file transfer Doogee Y8 · 1 week ago · From blueboy006comander

help with DOOGEE y8 driver not moveing to PC desktop to transfer files

Low Volume Doogee Y7 · 3 weeks ago · From Tshepang

my Dogee Y7 has a low system sound , mic and speaker volume.i want to increase it, how can i do it ?The engineering code (*#....3646633#*...) is...

changing ringtone on Y8, How can it be done Doogee Y8 · 3 weeks ago · From sarema

Can I download and change my ringtones on doogeise the processe Y8, please advise howcan I achieve this. Thanks  

Camera collapsing Doogee S55 Lite · 3 weeks ago · From kate25

Hi. My question is about camera on doogee s55. The problem is that I can open camera and take pic, but the photo isn't saved anywhere or does...

Music player Doogee Y8 · 3 weeks ago · From Smiffy

I have installed apple music but the tracks just stop after about 40 seconds. The app works on my other android phones, but not on this one. Thanks...

FCC-ID code Doogee S70 Lite · 3 weeks ago · From Omarlap

I need the FCC-ID to my phone DOOGEE S70 LITE, where can I check it?

Doogee Y8 Notifications not working Doogee Y8 · 3 weeks ago · From Busterboy

I have new Y8. Notifications not showing and tones not sounding on receipt

doogee s80Lite is blocking incoming calls bug Doogee S80 Lite · 3 weeks ago · From Uzuz

Greetings My boss has a  Doogee s80Lite and yesterday we ran into a bug. The bug itself shows that if anyone calls him on his cellphone the...

Screen turns off Doogee Y8 · 3 weeks ago · From Witters50

After a few seconds the screen goes off how can I keep it on for longer without going off

how can i fix my call setting because I cant receive calls and only registe Doogee S70 Lite · 3 weeks ago · From Jake

why is it that i cannot receive calls in my Dodgee S70 Lite but it rings on the caller and only miscall is registering in my phone. please...

fccid Doogee Y8 · 3 weeks ago · From reycar

por favor donde encuentro el fccid del doogee y8 para homologarlo en colombia gracias

Why won't it let me enable WiFi calling Doogee X7 Pro · 3 weeks ago · From Trixie

It won't let me enable WiFi calling. Whenever I press it in settings it doesn't let me on it

wifi and gps issues Doogee N10 · 3 weeks ago · From marizac

The phone looses the signal of wifi even if I am standing next to the router. It also looses gps. Is there somethign wrong with the antenna and how...

Questions about JSY Doogee A59 with black screen (touch functioning) Doogee Mix · 3 weeks ago · From christinaG

Dear support team, recently my Doogee smartphone fell down and the screen turned black after a while, although the touch function is unaffected...

Insert sim card Doogee X60 · 3 weeks ago · From Simon

How can I insert SIM cards in the Doogee X60?

bigger letters? Doogee X60 · 3 weeks ago · From Blikimore

Hello dear support team, i was wondering if i may be able to change the font size? It's really small and i can't read it.

change my fingerprint? Doogee X60 · 3 weeks ago · From Blikimore

I want to sell my phone, can the buyer change the fingerprint lock easily?

Change my lockscreen? Doogee X60 · 3 weeks ago · From Blikimore

hey, how can i change my lockscreen?

Trouble with charging and battery level Doogee Mix · 3 weeks ago · From BeatrixP

Hi! The phone worked properly until now. I have a Doogee Mix. Suddenly, charging is almost impossible, battery is gone in just a few hours. Have...