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Doogee S68 Pro - open I want to remplesment the LCD but I cannot open is not video any were or manual to open can you help me out
1 Doonet2020 1 11
Doogee S55 - Problem with the camera I have some problem with the camera. I can not open it sometime and when I open it I an just take about 2 pics and then I have just an blurry...
1 Lunkentuss 1 29
Doogee S55 - Camera problem I can not open the camera,no cameras. I just get a message that I have to close any other aps but I can not find anything else that uses my cam....
1 Lunkentuss 1 34
Doogee N20 - I cannot find the white balance on camera I cannot find the white balance on my camera. On previous phones I had setting that opened giving me all sorts of adjustments, for some reason I...
1 SelinaP 1 31
Doogee X95 - SARS value? Hi there.please could you inform me of the SARS value for both the head and body please? I need the 2 separate answers.thank you.lily
2 Lily 2 32
DOOGEE X5 - phone will not come on phone was working fine.  One day wouldn't charge inspite of being connected to a power source.  Eventually phone wouldn't come on at all....
1 krav1maga 1 36
Doogee X95 - Widget option not available When long pressing on my home screen I do not see the option for widgets - and widget only apps that are installed do not show on my home screen -...
1 Bdaniels87 1 118
Doogee X53 - Calibration Keypad needs calibration. How do you do it
1 Gchisvo 1 38
Doogee S40 - wifi is not working Hi.I bought a doogee s40 recently.At the beggining everything seems ok.After some time  it lost wifi and bluetooth connection  and never...
4 galanosvitara 4 60
Doogee Y9 Plus - Internet settings I  need internet settings for a doogee y9 plus  
1 Anaye 1 84
Doogee Y7 - Battery not charging I had no problems with the phone since this morning. I put the phone as always on the charger last night. This morning it was totally dead....
4 Psalm119 4 88
Doogee X95 - Widgets Where do I find the widgets & how do I put them on the phone screen 
4 jsjswood 4 622
Doogee Y9 Plus - Internet settings and sim cards I am not able to use it for internet. Please send me the settings if it's problem.On the specifications you this phone has two sim cards which is...
1 Leoto 1 166
Doogee S68 Pro - Receive some sms not others I'm in NZ on the Spark network. I receive most messages but others never turn up at all! Thoughts?
11 MattV 11 230
Doogee N20 - Connectivity issues with WiFi I am an online gamer and I keep.losing connection to the server whilst using WiFi but is fine with mobile data. There is nothing wrong with WiFi...
1 Douglasbutler 1 127
Doogee Mix - Can't send texts Hi, YouallMy Doogee Mix has stopped Sending texts, although I can Receive Texts, & Send & Receive Voice. It is set to SMS & Vodafone 4G...
1 ChrisB 1 76
Doogee S68 Pro - Device crashed I wanted to test the devices reverse charging .So I activated the wireless charging and the device switched off .The device is dead and won't...
4 DillanRT 4 151
Doogee S40 Lite - Sleep mode every 5 seconds After two weeks of normal use. The phone now goes to sleep, screen shuts down etc after 5 seconds of no use. Even when playing music. !! As soon as...
5 Dhark 5 259
Doogee S68 Pro - The apps fall asleept Hello.  I have a problem with the applications.  When I do not use any of the applications, they stop being active or fall asleep and I...
8 Andrey 8 181
Doogee S95 Pro - WiFi Calling I am trying to setup wifi calling on my phone but although i can press on the title wifi calling it does not allow me to add my SIP or any other...
4 Skicoachuk 4 212
Doogee S68 Pro - Sms Can send messeges, but not resive? 
2 Warmlandstosen 2 148
Doogee N20 - Howe to change default launcher So I recently bought a Doogee N20. Its a great phone but I have one annoying problem. I can't change the default launcher. I want to use smart...
3 Nyarlathotep 3 256
Doogee N20 - Battery draining quickly I have has my Doogee N20 about 3 weeks, after a few teething problems all seemed ok.  Now I am finding the battery is draining very quickly...
1 TKS 1 176
Doogee X10S - my phone will not connect to my home wifi my phone disconnected from my home WiFi router and i reset my phone however this did not fix the problem. i have now factory reset my mobile and i...
9 Reanna 9 130
Doogee S60 Lite - 4g connection Hi I've just bought a Doogee s 60 lite. It won't connect to virgin media 4g (UK). It's showing 4g at the top of the phone and I can make phone...
1 Gwyn 1 97
Doogee S70 - Camera apk How can i download the camera apk becouse i deleite It by error so i have no camera any more. Please i need a solución, thanks.
1 Manuel 1 153
Doogee X9 Pro - wont turn on at all hello i have a doogee x9 pro phone and i put it on charge and all was working fine up to that point then once was fully charged i took it off...
1 martyn7871 1 109
Doogee N20 - I have a new N20 and it is in some sort of mode but I cannot get out of it. I have just got a new N20 and my Husband accidentally turned it on before I had managed to insert a SIM card.  I tried to turn it off and in...
3 TKS 3 186
Doogee S68 Pro - Camera How to select teleoption in camera?
0 Ariel 0 135
Doogee S60 Lite - Chinese Scam Robo Calls I've started to get Chinese scam calls hijacking UK mobile numbers. Which if I don't answer go to voicemail. Can I disable voicemail for the moment?
0 Tt10 0 113