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  • Alarm clock
  • Apps & Shortcuts
  • Battery
  • Browser
  • Contacts
  • Data warning and limit
  • Date & Time
  • Developer Options
  • Display
  • Display enhancements
  • Do not disturb
  • Fingerprint
  • Folder
  • Functions
  • Groups
  • Home screen
  • Interaction and dexterity
  • Languages & Input
  • Location
  • Lock screen
  • Memory card
  • Messages (SMS)
  • Mobile data
  • Mobile network
  • Network
  • Phone
  • Privacy
  • Screen lock
  • Screen reader
  • Screen saver
  • Security & Privacy
  • Shutter
  • Smart Lock
  • Status bar
  • Storage
  • System sounds
  • Tethering
  • Timer
  • Vibrations
  • Volume
  • Volume & Tones
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Widgets

Where can I find the user manual for the Doogee X95?

Download the operating instructions for the Doogee X95 in various languages as a PDF document.

How to Add App shortcut on Home screen

If we use the app drawer on the Android smartphone, all apps are stored in one place.  For apps that are used more often, shortcuts can be...

How to Turn On/Off Charging sounds and vibration

When the charging cable is plugged in under Android, a sound and a short vibration are heard for a short feedback. The tones and vibration during...

Default alarm sound

This setting sets the default sound that you hear when you set an alarm. You can either choose a preinstalled sound or one of your own songs.

Gradually increase alarm volume

If you have problems with waking up in the morning, you could activate this option to let the alarm sound ring louder gradually.

How to Remove App shortcut from Home screen

The added app shortcuts can be removed from the home screen of the Android smartphone at any time if the quick access is no longer needed....

How to Turn On/Off Data warning

Not all calling plans have a unlimited data flat rate. To avoid receiving a surprisingly high bill due to additional volume when the Internet...

How to Turn On/Off Accessibility menu

We can activate the menu for user assistance or accessibility features on the Android smartphone by means of an additional button in right...

How to Turn On Automatic Network selection

Usually the Android 9 device connects to your phone company automatically. If this network is not available, you can deactivate the option and...

How to Turn On/Off Instant Lock with Power button

If you activate this option, pressing your power button will not only set your device into sleep mode, but will also lock your device regardless...

How to Rename a Folder

Under Android, names are no longer displayed under newly created folders. However, it is still possible to assign names to a folder or to rename...

How to Resize a Widget

Many widgets have a predefined size on Android that cannot be changed. Others, however, can be resized. To change the size of a widget, it must...

How to Create a Folder on Home screen

Apps can be sorted into folders on the home screen. The creation of a folder under Android is done by merging at least two apps or app icons.

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi hotspot automatically

If you open up a WI-Fi hotspot and there are no devices connected, the hotspot will turn off automatically after a while and saves you battery...

How to Turn On/Off USB tethering

Another possibility to use your mobile data is by USB Tethering. You can use your device as a router to connect other devices like a pc via USB to...
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Manuals & Downloads

Currently you can find here zero various manuals and/or quick start guides for the Doogee X95. You can view the manual for the X95 of Doogee online or download it as a PDF file (Download).

No operating instructions available

Doogee has not yet published an official user guide for the X95, alternatively we can offer you our detailed Doogee guides.

Doogee Instructions

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On Amazon you can find a lot of unofficial manuals, maybe there is also something for the Doogee X95

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Unfortunately there is no english manual available for the Doogee X95 yet. Should we notify you as soon as we have added another manual?

Topics on Doogee X95

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Wi-Fi calling

Hi today received my new phone and set it up with wifi password etc and internet is working fine on the phone The...

kevo3 AnswersLast answer 2 months ago
Message tones

Does anyone know if it's possible to change my sounds/tone for the doogee x95, if so how? Thanks

Niknaknok1 AnswersLast answer 9 months ago
SMS messages

Phone has stopped receiving sms messages from certain contacts although I can still send sms messages to them.

Elloise7 AnswersLast answer 11 months ago
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