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Homtom C2 - How to turn off Homtom C2 power on tone? My Homtom C2 always plays an annoying tone whenever I turn it on and I need help with turning it off cos I really do not need the phone to play any...
1 Akt 1 64
HomTom HT20 Pro - internet Android 6.0 wifi connected and no internetother devices are working
0 Dagorz 0 60
Homtom H5 - Do not disturb How do I switch off "do not disturb" also change keyboard? On HomTom50
1 Brian1997 1 113
Homtom HT70 - Radio offline Hi!I would like, if possible, to know how I can activate the radio chip for listen the radio without needing an Internet connection, that is,...
0 Dudu2 0 101
Homtom C8 - my phone is dead my phone got rebooting many times because of (simprocessor has stopped)and i tried to flash it by SP Flash tool i thought it fixed, i had flash it...
0 BadrCarmali 0 241
Homtom Zoji Z33 - Need Service Manual or Disassembly steps for Zoji Z33 HiI am looking for a Service Manual or Disassembly steps for Zoji Z33.Recently bought the device but having a faulty loudspeaker.Thank you in...
0 ultiga 0 191
Homtom ZOJI Z9 - not charging  hi. My mobile only 2 days in use. when start to charge red light on and off, no logo. dead. changing charger and cable not help.  please advise...
0 genapoz 0 267
Homtom ZOJI Z11 - U.S wireless providers Please refer some U.S wireless providers compatible with Homtom Zoji Z11. Thanks.
1 Thaibinh0730 1 128
HomTom S8 - How to root Homtom S8 How to root it? How to unlock bootloader? How to go to fastboot?
0 Maskali 0 223
0 tezza 0 236
Homtom C2 - REPLACEMENT OF CALIBRATOR Hi, Please where can i get Homtom C2 calibrator to order? i fell on the phone and the calibrator got damaged. or can HT6 calibrator work...
0 Olori 0 193
Homtom HT50 - PROBLEM WITH CAMERA  for some time the camera of my hotmom ht50 is not working properly to make video calls or take pictures
0 mary7 0 226
Homtom ZOJI Z11 - How to get Homtom zoji z11 to work at&t Hi. Can you help provide instructions on how to make HomtomZoji Z11 to work with U.S mobile carriers. Thank you.
0 Thaibinh0730 0 298