Huawei P30 Pro How do I lock text messages

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Question: How do I lock text messages



on my other ohones, I have always been able to lock and keep texts, then when I clear the conv, it deletes all the other messages, but keeps the ones I want.

i cannot find a way of doing this on the p30 pro?

can anyone help please?

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Hello Lemonie17,

maybe you could archive the messages you want to keep? It's a different folder so althought you can delete them, they wont show up in the list of your normal messages and you can't delete them by chance just because you deleted in bulk. Just tap on a message you want to keep, press the 3 little points on the upper right side and choose Archive. To look at your archieved messages, go to the messages screen, press the 3 buttons again and choose Archieved.




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