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Huawei - Questions

This are the questions that were already asked about Huawei.

Huawei nova 3 - No videos will play on any app. How do I fix this? My nova won’t play any videos and the sound is stuck on full volume. The games I have still work. The app I’m watching videos on will load but it...
0 Pearl 0 14
Huawei P30 Lite - Eject Pin Would like to know where the eject pin is situated so that I can install my sim card
1 Maz 1 22
Huawei P30 Pro - How do I lock text messages Hi on my other ohones, I have always been able to lock and keep texts, then when I clear the conv, it deletes all the other messages, but...
1 Lemonie17 1 75
0 Ecophobia 0 18
Huawei nova 3 - More Storage My phone is completely stuffed, how can i get more storage?
0 Ecophobia 0 21
Huawei nova 3 - Is my smartphone waterproof? I want to go to australia this summer and make some videos about me surfing, can i use my phone for this?
0 Ecophobia 0 21
Huawei G9 Plus - Compass / GPS calibration Hello   How do i calibrate the compass
0 fouadsaumtally 0 24