You can add other keyboard languages ??on the Huawei smartphone so that you can easily write or write texts in another language.

Note: The language of the keyboard can be selected by tapping and holding the space bar and then swiping left or right on the virtual keyboard, regardless of whether we are in the messaging app or in the browser.

Android 10 | EMUI 10.0
Step 1:  Open the  settings
Step 2:  Tap on  System & updates
Step 3:  Tap on  Languages & input
Step 4:  Tap on  SwiftKey Keyboard
Step 5:  Tap on  Languages
Step 6:  Choose a  language
  1. Open the settings
  2. Tap on System & updates
  3. Tap on Languages & input
  4. Tap on SwiftKey Keyboard
  5. Tap on Languages
  6. Choose a language

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