After the successful registration of a fingerprint we can rename the fingerprint directly, because the different fingerprints are named by default Fingerprint 1/2/3... If no name was assigned after registering, the fingerprint can be renamed afterwards at any time.



Android 10 | EMUI 10.0
Rename fingerprint -  Open the  Settings
Rename fingerprint -  Tap on  Biometrics & password
Rename fingerprint -  Tap on  Fingerprint ID
Rename fingerprint -  Tap on  Fingerprint management
Rename fingerprint -  Choose a  fingerprint
Rename fingerprint -  Tap on  Rename
Rename fingerprint -  Enter a  name  and tap  OK
  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on Biometrics & password
  3. Tap on Fingerprint ID
  4. Tap on Fingerprint management
  5. Choose a fingerprint
  6. Tap on Rename
  7. Enter a name and tap OK

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