LG Q Stylus

LG Q Stylus
I have a LG Q Stylus Plus, it has 64 MB, 4 GB Ram

I have a LG Q Stylus Plus, it has 64 MB, 4 GB Ram, but I don't see that manual. Only LG Q Stylus manual are they the same manual?

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Answer from Isabel

Hello centric95,

if there is a normal and a plus version of a device, there are usually some features that differ. These differences are mostly technically, for example a bigger display, more storage, better RAM or a stronger battery. However, there is mostly no change to the software, so the manual is the same for both. 





Explained step by step - 131 simulator instructions
    1. Home screen

      1. Apps & Shortcuts

      2. Folder

      3. Widgets

    1. Network

      1. Mobile network

        1. Mobile data

          1. Data warning and limit

      2. WLAN

        1. Wi-Fi Direct

        1. Tethering

          1. WLAN-Hotspot

    2. Display

      1. Status bar

        1. Font

        2. Screen saver

    3. Volume & Tones

      1. System sounds

      2. Volume

      3. Do not disturb

      4. Vibrations

    4. Storage

    5. Battery

    6. Lock screen

      1. Screen lock

        1. Settings

        2. Smart Lock

    7. Security & Privacy

        1. Fingerprint

      1. Privacy

      2. Location

    8. Apps & Notifications

      1. Screen reader

      2. Display enhancements

      3. Interaction and dexterity

      1. Date & Time

      2. Languages & Input

          1. Text correction

        1. Developer Options

  1. Functions

    1. Phone

      1. Display

      2. Settings

    2. Messages (SMS)

      1. Settings

    3. Contacts

      1. Settings

      2. Groups

      1. Shutter

      2. Settings

      1. Timer

      2. Alarm clock

    4. Browser

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LG Q Stylus: Specifications
Display6.2 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediaTek MT6750S
Memory 3 GB
Internal storage 32 GB
Camera16 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 8.1 Oreo
All specifications