Settings and functions can be accessed more quickly than the usual way using the quick settings. You can find the quick settings on the LG device via the status bar, which opens downwards. In addition to the notifications, the quick settings are also displayed here. The following functions are available on the LG

Tip: Simple tapping activates or deactivates the function; tapping and holding opens the setting of the respective option.

Note: Depending on the features of the LG device, other functions/adjustments may be available here, and the layout and display may also be changed.

Android 9 | LG UX 9.0
The quick settings -  Open the  Notification bar
The quick settings -  Open all  Quick settings
The quick settings -  Enable or disable desired  Function
  1. Open the Notification bar
  2. Open all Quick settings
  3. Enable or disable desired Function

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