I'm trying to set up android auto on 2015 Peugeot 108.  What cable do I need?  I can't get anything to work but my car says it is compatible and the Nord has Android Auto pre installed.  Step by step instructions would be good.  There's nothing in the user manual.  Many thanks

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Hello PlymDeb. to use Android Auto, all you need is the normal USB cable which is also used for charging. to connect, the normal procedure is as follows:

  1. Start car
  2. Connect USB cable
  3. Activate Bluetooth
  4. Start the app

It is also best if all necessary permissions are granted to the app.


Thanks Simon 

Silly question, I've not tried your advice yet but will android auto appear on my car's screen? 

Only if your infotainment system in the car supports it. If not, the display will only run on the smartphone.

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