If the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on the OnePlus smartphone, the received notifications can be restricted completely or partially.
Here we can choose whether to receive notifications without an audible signal or without a visual and audible signal.
With the latter setting, neither a signal will sound nor will the device's display be turned on.

In addition, the OnePlus device offers us an advanced setting option, which includes the following options that can be configured individually:

Android 10 | OxygenOS 10.0
Restrict notifications -  Open the  Settings
Restrict notifications -  Tap on  Sounds & vibration
Restrict notifications -  Tap on  Do Not Disturb
Restrict notifications -  Tap on  Restrict notifications
Restrict notifications -  Choose  No sound from notifications ,  No visuals or sound from notifications  or  Custom
  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on Sounds & vibration
  3. Tap on Do Not Disturb
  4. Tap on Restrict notifications
  5. Choose No sound from notifications, No visuals or sound from notifications or Custom

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