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Oppo Find X2 Lite - Clock style Hi. My oppo find x2 lite . Do not have clock style .  With my regards Samer
1 Samer 1 41
Oppo A52 - Hide caller id Could you please tell me how to hide my caller id on oppoa52 
1 Dimi 1 68
Oppo Find X2 Neo - Difficoltà navigazione In alcuni siti il mio telefono si impalla,si blocca e bisogno aspettare che si riprende, c'è qualche protezione da disattivare?
0 BrunoLevorato 0 60
Oppo AX5 - Flat Phone, White Circle, Red Flashing Lightning bolt I am not really sure what it means/ what i should do, i don't know whether it is the phone or cable.If you could get back to me soon that would be...
1 Sparky12 1 489
Oppo A3s - Privacy protection Forgot my private safe passcode and recovery question .. I know my lock passcode and have box piece and Bill to prove it's my phone Have...
0 Vinay_Twin 0 162
Oppo A3s - Forgot private safe passcode and security question Forgot my private safe passcode and security question on oppo a3sI remember my lock password and I have box piece of phone I have memories...
0 Vinay_Twin 0 1252
Oppo AX5 - Phone does not ring or vibrate Phone does not ring or vibrate when an incoming call or text message comes through. Ring and vibrate both turned on in settings and volume turned...
0 markymark 0 476
Oppo R17 Pro - Resizing of icon How to resize of icons
0 rakeshpshah 0 90
Oppo Reno Series - Why does my phone cut off calls? I have a new Oppo Reno phone and when I called someone today, it cut me off, then when they rang me it cut me off again.  Finally I put it on...
1 Cuzzy 1 847
Oppo AX5 - Unknown icon It's a circle icon that's half full with like a wave 
1 Shep 1 774
Oppo R17 - my headphones are not working Sound is coming from my phone but no sound coming thru the headphones
0 Mussy 0 178
Oppo R17 Pro - Block number How to block a number not add to black list. I dont want to see the sms come through at all
1 Holly 1 167