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  • Backup
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  • Data warning and limit
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  • Developer Options
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  • Display enhancements
  • Do not disturb
  • Emergency
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  • Mobile network
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Where can I find the user manual for the Oppo AX5?

Download the operating instructions for the Oppo AX5 in various languages as a PDF document.

How to Turn On/Off Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS is a service on the Oppo-Smartphone that allows you to display the stored emergency contacts by pressing the power button 5 times....

How to Turn On/Off Game Space

Game Space is the game launcher on Oppo smartphones that helps us provide a better gaming experience by allowing you to hide notifications,...

How to Change Default Dialer app

Alternative telephone apps can be installed and used on the Oppo smartphone for making calls, but to ensure that the right app is called up when a...

How to Turn On/Off Device Administrators

Apps that want to get deep functionality into the system on the Oppo-Smartphone have to be identified as device administrators (device managers)....

How to Empty the Recycle bin (Gallery)

Photos or videos deleted on Oppo smartphone will be moved to the Trash for 30 days, and since there is no way to disable the Gallery´s...

How to Turn On/Off Emergency alerts

On the Oppo smartphone we can have emergency notifications sent to us, which are CB (Cell Broadcast) messages containing warnings about extreme or...

How to Manage Full screen display for Non-optimized Apps

If the full-screen display is not optimized for an app, the status bar and the navigation bar will still be displayed. However, if the app is to...

How to Turn On/Off Flash notification for Incoming calls

If the Oppo smartphone's screen is off (idle) or locked, we can make the camera flash blink for incoming calls.

How to Allow/Deny Autostart of Apps

After starting the Oppo smartphone, not only the operating system ColorOS (Android) is loaded, but also fixed apps, but too many apps with an...

How to Set up Private DNS

A private DNS is a function that enables an encrypted transmission from the Oppo smartphone to the Internet. By default the DNS server (even if...

How to Set Snooze Interval time

Sleep a few more minutes? the snooze function tells the alarm clock to ring again after the set time. on the Oppo smartphone, the default snooze...

How to Turn On/Off Notification Badge for individual Apps

On the Oppo smartphone home screen, a notification icon can be displayed on the app icon to indicate a new unread notification. Under ColorOS 6...

How to Auto hide virtual buttons

Even if the navigation bar does not take up much space, it can be annoying in certain apps. To hide the navigation bar, the corresponding option...

How to Change Notification sound

When a new notification arrives on the Oppo smartphone, the notification tone sounds. This is usually the case with all apps except the phone and...
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Manuals & Downloads

Currently you can find here one various manuals and/or quick start guides for the Oppo AX5. You can view the manual for the AX5 of Oppo online or download it as a PDF file (Download).


English | 10.09 MB | PDF

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Flat Phone, White Circle, Red Flashing Lightning bolt

I am not really sure what it means/ what i should do, i don't know whether it is the phone or cable. If you could...

Sparky122 AnswersLast answer 1 month ago
Phone does not ring or vibrate

Phone does not ring or vibrate when an incoming call or text message comes through. Ring and vibrate both turned on...

markymark0 Answers
Unknown icon

It's a circle icon that's half full with like a wave 

Shep1 AnswersLast answer 2 years ago
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