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MMS messages are sent in a similar way to an SMS message: as soon as a multimedia file (photo, video, contact (vCard), etc.) is attached to the SMS message, it is automatically converted into an MMS on the Oppo smartphone.

Android 11 | ColorOS 11.0 | Google Messages
Step 1: Tap on  Messages
Step 2: Choose a  Conversation  or tap on  Start chat
Step 3: Choose a  Contact
Step 4: Type a  Text message
Step 5: Tap on  Attachments
Step 6: Choose an  Archive
Step 7: Tap on  Send
  1. Tap on Messages
  2. Choose a Conversation or tap on Start chat
  3. Choose a Contact
  4. Type a Text message
  5. Tap on Attachments
  6. Choose an Archive
  7. Tap on Send
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