Galaxy A70 individual ringtones:

How do you attach a particular ringtone to a contact in the contact list?  The three dots that access this feature in older Samsung phones are not present in contact edit nor in the contact display.


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Hello stewmair,

This is how Samsung describes how to add a personal ringtone for a contact:

  1. Tap on the contact 
  2. Tap on the pen to edit
  3. Tap on More
  4. Tap on ringtone
  5. Save


Ususally there have to be these 3 dots, but if not, the contact is may not connected to your google account?  Only contacts that are connected to your google account can be edited. Follow these steps to connect a contact to your google account:

Android 9
Step 1:  Open  Contacts
Step 2:  Open the  menu
Step 3:  Open the  settings
Step 4:  Tap on  Import
Step 5:  Choose the  contact data  to import
  1. Open Contacts
  2. Open the menu
  3. Open the settings
  4. Tap on Import
  5. Choose the contact data to import




Solved, found it. Thanks.

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