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Explained step by step - 520 simulator instructions
    1. The device

    2. Home screen

      1. Apps & Shortcuts

      2. Folder

      3. Widgets

    1. Network

      1. Mobile network

        1. Mobile data

          1. Data warning and limit

        2. SIM card

      2. WLAN

        1. Wi-Fi Direct

      3. Connected devices

        1. Bluetooth

        2. Print

        3. Tethering

          1. WLAN-Hotspot

    2. Display

      1. Edge Screen

      2. Notification Light

      3. Digital wellbeing

      4. Status bar

      5. Always On Display

      6. Navigation bar

        1. Design

        2. Font

        3. Symbols

        4. Screen saver

    3. Volume & Tones

      1. System sounds

      2. Volume

      3. Do not disturb

        1. Exceptions

      4. Vibrations

    4. Storage

      1. Memory card

    5. Battery

    6. Lock screen

      1. Screen lock

        1. Settings

        2. Smart Lock

    7. Security & Privacy

      1. Biometrics

        1. Face recognition

        2. Fingerprint

      2. Privacy

      3. Location

      4. Emergency

      5. Secure folder

      6. SIM card

      7. Memory card

    8. Apps & Notifications

      1. Authorizations

      2. Notifications

      3. Standard apps

      1. Screen reader

      2. Display enhancements

      3. Hearing improvements

      4. Interaction and dexterity

    9. General administration

      1. Software update

      2. Date & Time

      3. Accounts

      4. Backup

      5. Languages & Input

        1. Keyboard

          1. Text correction

          2. Word suggestions

          3. Layout

          4. Language

      6. Reset

      7. System

        1. Developer Options

        2. Optimization

  1. Functions

    1. Screenshot

    2. Phone

      1. Display

      2. Settings

      3. Speed dial

    3. Messages (SMS)

      1. Settings

    4. Contacts

      1. Settings

      2. Groups

    5. Camera

      1. Shutter

      2. Settings

    6. Gallery

      1. Album

    7. Calendar

    8. Clock & Alarm

      1. Clock

      2. Timer

      3. Alarm clock

    9. Games Launcher

    10. Browser

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Samsung - Questions

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Samsung Galaxy A01 - Forgot password I have forgotten my home screen password and holding down the power key and volume key is not working to rest. Please help. Thank you! 
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Samsung Galaxy A01 - screen timeout when making a call How can I prevent my phone from going black every 5 sec when I'm on a call? I already changed the timeout setting on display to 30 min, but it just...
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Samsung Galaxy A50 - WhatsApp location sharing When sharing location via Google maps with contacts through WhatsApp it only enables whilst WhatsApp app open. When phone in sleep mode...
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Samsung Galaxy A21s - How to change screen mode to adaptive display? I need to change the screen mode on my a21s to adaptive display. The setting called screen mode is not available in the display menu of my settings.
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Samsung Galaxy A01 - Change screenshot settings How do I change the screenshot settings on Samsung Galaxy A01? Every time I pick up my phone, it accidentally takes. a screenshot when my fingers...
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Samsung Galaxy A11 - Clock has wrong time I dont know how to change the clock time  its one hour fast. Thank you  
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Samsung Galaxy A10s - Log in problem I put in my PIN but then nothing happens, so I can't do anything!Advice welcome, please.
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1 jackjim3 1 63
Samsung Galaxy A41 - Custom notification sound New user of Samsung A41, I'd like to choose a custom sound for notifications. While this is allowed for ring tones, it is not possible any longer... Solved
9 GinTonic 9 900
Samsung Galaxy M21 - Unable to send the sms sir, I am trying to send the sms from newly bought mobile.  It is not working and unable to change the messaging centre.  But sms is...
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Samsung Galaxy A10 - Reset since repair My phone has come back from repair and I cannot use it. All I get is instruction from Google to log in to account but it does not recognise me....
7 LaraCroftNo1 7 115
Samsung Galaxy S20 - no sounds for text msgs or email hi, I have had this phone for a week. Not able to hear notifications on texts or email. I DO have the sound on for these and under each person. I... Solved
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Samsung Galaxy A50 - Predictive Text I am finding that mistakes I have made previously are turning up in predictive text. How can I delete those and also words which come up which are...
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Samsung Galaxy A10 - How do I activate wifi calling? Hi I want to activate wifi calling on my phone , and if I search in settings it shows a app , but I cannot open this app or find a setting to...
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Samsung Galaxy A50 - my phone audio jack and call speaker is not wrking properly i am using samsung galaxy a50. since yesterday my phone audio jack and also phone call speaker is not working properly. all i can hear is noise....
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Samsung Galaxy A50 - my phone audio jack is not working hello sir,i am using samsung galaxy a50 2019. all of the sudden my handfree is not properly working in my phone. i checked handfree on the other...
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Samsung Galaxy A10 - How to answer Whatapp when stuff on screen? When the screen has other stuff  on it and a call comes in, nowhere can I find how to answer it?
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Need help getting back online and working I have done every reset to this phone.. How do I bring the phone back up to get it to work? I did not have a Google account so cant use that my...
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Samsung Galaxy A20 - How to get out of safe mode My phone is stuck in safe mode I've reset it turned it off everything with no luck
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Samsung Galaxy A70 - 2 copies of sent email appear in my send folder. I have a Galaxy A70.  For my email I use Windows 10.  I don't know why, but whenever I send out and email, 2 copies appear in my Sent...
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Samsung Galaxy A10s - Slow data speed, LTE bars never past 2 bars, network dropping,  My Samsung is less than 60 days old the problems started day one. I have tried hard reset on phone, cleared cashier's and cookies,...
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Samsung Galaxy A40 - turning of notifications how do I turn off notifications Solved
2 Donaldo 2 186
Samsung Galaxy A70 - Auto Reject Call On a incoming call from a private number, phone shows as auto reject call.
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Samsung Galaxy A10s - No move to SD card button Hi I used to be able to move  many apps to my SD card but now when I go to any app in settings there is no button  that stated move to...
0 stanc 0 1783
Samsung Galaxy A10s - Recuperación Mi problema es que le puse El patrón de desbloqueo con la huella dadtilar y Un día no quiso desbloquearse con la huella y me pidió el patrón pero...
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Samsung Galaxy A10s - Pin Number My son gave me the phone and he does not remember the pin number. What can I do?
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Samsung Galaxy A10 - folder empty When I connected a10 to computer, windows 10 shows Galaxy A10, but says folder is empty, and doesn't show subfolders, so I can't transfer files.
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Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo - WPS push button I can't find the WPS push  button option. How can I do so?
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Samsung Galaxy A20 - delete a contact how do i delete a contact on my samsung a20
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