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Samsung Galaxy A11 - Clock has wrong time I dont know how to change the clock time  its one hour fast. Thank you  
1 Girlwhoneedshelp 1 12
Samsung Galaxy A10s - Log in problem I put in my PIN but then nothing happens, so I can't do anything!Advice welcome, please.
1 Twiglet 1 30
1 jackjim3 1 17
Samsung Galaxy A41 - Custom notification sound New user of Samsung A41, I'd like to choose a custom sound for notifications. While this is allowed for ring tones, it is not possible any longer...
9 GinTonic 9 139
Samsung Galaxy M21 - Unable to send the sms sir, I am trying to send the sms from newly bought mobile.  It is not working and unable to change the messaging centre.  But sms is...
3 kalyaan 3 120
Samsung Galaxy A10 - Reset since repair My phone has come back from repair and I cannot use it. All I get is instruction from Google to log in to account but it does not recognise me....
7 LaraCroftNo1 7 66
Samsung Galaxy S20 - no sounds for text msgs or email hi, I have had this phone for a week. Not able to hear notifications on texts or email. I DO have the sound on for these and under each person. I... Solved
3 Leelee 3 62
Samsung Galaxy A50 - Predictive Text I am finding that mistakes I have made previously are turning up in predictive text. How can I delete those and also words which come up which are...
1 NancyG 1 71
Samsung Galaxy A10 - How do I activate wifi calling? Hi I want to activate wifi calling on my phone , and if I search in settings it shows a app , but I cannot open this app or find a setting to...
0 Willy 0 553
Samsung Galaxy A50 - my phone audio jack and call speaker is not wrking properly i am using samsung galaxy a50. since yesterday my phone audio jack and also phone call speaker is not working properly. all i can hear is noise....
1 wajid3757 1 142
Samsung Galaxy A50 - my phone audio jack is not working hello sir,i am using samsung galaxy a50 2019. all of the sudden my handfree is not properly working in my phone. i checked handfree on the other...
0 wajid3757 0 123
Samsung Galaxy A10 - How to answer Whatapp when stuff on screen? When the screen has other stuff  on it and a call comes in, nowhere can I find how to answer it?
0 Tabitha 0 87
Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Need help getting back online and working I have done every reset to this phone.. How do I bring the phone back up to get it to work? I did not have a Google account so cant use that my...
0 Lilfuggin 0 99
Samsung Galaxy A20 - How to get out of safe mode My phone is stuck in safe mode I've reset it turned it off everything with no luck
0 Doradora 0 573
Samsung Galaxy A70 - 2 copies of sent email appear in my send folder. I have a Galaxy A70.  For my email I use Windows 10.  I don't know why, but whenever I send out and email, 2 copies appear in my Sent...
0 Grace 0 123
Samsung Galaxy A10s - Slow data speed, LTE bars never past 2 bars, network dropping,  My Samsung is less than 60 days old the problems started day one. I have tried hard reset on phone, cleared cashier's and cookies,...
0 Scooter 0 230
Samsung Galaxy A40 - turning of notifications how do I turn off notifications Solved
2 Donaldo 2 147
Samsung Galaxy A70 - Auto Reject Call On a incoming call from a private number, phone shows as auto reject call.
0 Dr8to 0 285
Samsung Galaxy A10s - No move to SD card button Hi I used to be able to move  many apps to my SD card but now when I go to any app in settings there is no button  that stated move to...
0 stanc 0 1307
Samsung Galaxy A10s - Recuperación Mi problema es que le puse El patrón de desbloqueo con la huella dadtilar y Un día no quiso desbloquearse con la huella y me pidió el patrón pero...
0 Changay 0 83
Samsung Galaxy A10s - Pin Number My son gave me the phone and he does not remember the pin number. What can I do?
0 mijesaho 0 152
Samsung Galaxy A10 - folder empty When I connected a10 to computer, windows 10 shows Galaxy A10, but says folder is empty, and doesn't show subfolders, so I can't transfer files.
0 charles 0 147
Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo - WPS push button I can't find the WPS push  button option. How can I do so?
0 Amar23 0 527
Samsung Galaxy A20 - delete a contact how do i delete a contact on my samsung a20
0 tomburke1 0 428
Samsung Galaxy A20 - messages How do you delete draft messages please
1 Buck 1 590
Samsung Galaxy A70 - Ringtones Galaxy A70 individual ringtones:How do you attach a particular ringtone to a contact in the contact list?  The three dots that access this...
2 stewmair 2 1199
Samsung Galaxy A10 - gps glonass how works gps on note 7p
0 valariocrid 0 272
Samsung Galaxy A20 - Screen shot How do I take a screen shot 
1 Cowboy43015 1 423
Samsung Galaxy J4 Core - Font style How do i change font style  on Samsung galaxy j4 core
1 Sammy 1 325
Samsung Galaxy A40 - Cannot connect to my car with MirrorLink Hi, I own a Toyota C-HR car. It is the 2017 model with a Toyota Touch 2 and Go multimedia device. And I bought a new phone (Samsung Galaxy A40)...
0 raija 0 1539