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Where can I find the user manual for the Samsung Galaxy A20?

Download the operating instructions for the Samsung Galaxy A20 in various languages as a PDF document.

How to Turn On/Off "Double tap to turn on/off screen"

Double tap to turn on the Samsung device's screen. The function is enabled by default and can also be disabled in the advanced functions....

How to Allow/Deny Display over other apps

on the samsung device we can give an app the permission (appear on top) to show itself over other apps. a well-known example is the messenger of...

How to Turn On/Off VoLTE

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls allow calls to be made over the LTE data network than was previously possible over the 2G or 3G network. VoLTE calls...

How to Change USB Connection Mode

The first time you connect using the USB cable, a pop-up window appears on the Samsung device to select the purpose of the USB connection, the...

How to Turn On/Off Call barring

Call barring allows the Samsung device to bar different types of calls. For example, calls can be automatically rejected when roaming is enabled....

How to Change default System launcher

the user interface is largely responsible for the appearance. on Samsung's devices, the One UI user interface is used. in addition to this start...

How to Turn On/Off Accidental touch protection

Whether with or without a lock screen, it can happen from time to time that the screen of the Samsung device is activated and unwanted entries are...

How to Turn On/Off Keyboard sounds

When typing on the Samsung keyboard, the keypad tones are played, and the keypad tone can be turned on or off in both the System Tones settings...

How to Turn On/Off Data warning

By default, the data warning is turned on on Samsung devices and warns when 2 GB data volume is reached, and can be turned on and off in the data...

How to Set Notification sounds for individual Apps

In contrast to the normal Android, on Samsung devices with One UI, the notification sound can be changed for each individual app, but this only...

How to Remove Apps from Secure Folder

Removing apps from the secure folder on the Samsung device requires to hold them and tap the uninstall button, which can lead to confusion. When...

How to Sort Contacts by First name or Last name

By default, contacts on your Samsung device are sorted by first name, but you can also sort contacts by last name.

How to Turn On/Off Pop-up notifications of an App

Depending on the model and version number, apps on the Samsung device can send so-called pop-up notifications, which are displayed above all other...

How to Set Default Storage Location for Contacts

By default, the Samsung device asks where to save a new contact each time you create one. You can choose to select the location as the default...
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Manuals & Downloads

Currently you can find here one various manuals and/or quick start guides for the Samsung Galaxy A20. You can view the manual for the Galaxy A20 of Samsung online or download it as a PDF file (Download).


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A20 getting unsupported SD card on all cards

I have a Samsung A20 that will not rcognize and micro SD card that I try to use. I have used in my previous S7. Am...

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How to get out of safe mode

My phone is stuck in safe mode I've reset it turned it off everything with no luck

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delete a contact

how do i delete a contact on my samsung a20

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