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Caller ID Ulefone Armor 6E · 2 days ago · From MtnHeather

Can't find Caller ID Settings 

SIM card not recognised Ulefone Note 7P · 2 days ago · From NickyG

I have inserted the sim card after the initial phone set up, and now cannot get the phone to recognise the SIM card. Advice welcome, please.

How do I add an apn Ulefone X · 1 week ago · From Barbwire

I cannot add an APN.  IIT WILL NOT ALLOW

Can't set Gmail notifications not receiving emails Ulefone Note 7 · 1 week ago · From Debs1956

New phone got yesterday inserted sim everything working fine apart from not getting g mails or g mail notifications tried all sorts to get it...

how do I set up new APN settings Ulefone P6000 Plus · 2 weeks ago · From JK1

difficulty setting up new APN settings 

how to record Ulefone Note 7P · 2 weeks ago · From Darkwolf2502

trying to record two parties conversion?

Help with my phone Ulefone Armor 6 · 2 weeks ago · From Orgalim1900

What can I do if my phone screen get frozen every two seconds.? Please help me.!!I need tecnical support. 

How do I turn on flash Ulefone Note 7P · 4 weeks ago · From Bonnieauldie

How can I turn on flash for camera? No icon, no mention in settings

need to put network message centre number into my mms settings Ulefone Note 7 · 4 weeks ago · From Prb5962

Can't put message centre number into mms settings as it doesn't show message centre 

Which sim card slot do I use? Ulefone Armor L · 1 month ago · From Rick2

I have a new sim card from EE.  Which slot do I use.  there are 3 possibilities on the card. 

Unlock Ulefone Note 7P · 1 month ago · From Michael77

Want to use my boost mobile sim 

Photo watermark Ulefone S10 Pro · 1 month ago · From socketman

Is it possible to stop the photo watermark ("Taken on S10 pro") from being shown when taking pictures. I do not want to have to crop the picture at...

Phone as media device on pc Ulefone Note 7P · 1 month ago · From Davywatson

How to transfer files between pc and note 7p

Frozen in reboot screen Ulefone P6000 Plus · 1 month ago · From Tracy

My phone is stuck on the reboot screen and none off the buttons work I frozen 

Dual sim Ulefone Note 7P · 2 months ago · From Bigtedrover

I have had phone working ok with one sim now input second sim and only reading the second one

how to share a voice recording Ulefone S10 Pro · 2 months ago · From JanShone

I am unable to move or share a voice recording, please advise

cant log in Ulefone Armor 6E · 2 months ago · From markd

I transferred a sim from my old phone to  my new ulefone. It worked at first but then was syncing (with what ?). Now I cant log in.  I...

Cannot display running apps Ulefone X · 2 months ago · From Barbwire

Hi.  I have a new Ulefone X.  Normally with other phones I can view open apps so that I can toggle between them.  So far I have not...

Frozen Ulefone Armor X · 3 months ago · From Mlou78

Screen is stuck and phone is on.  Power button won't work 

how to reset or reboot the system with out pressing the on and the +volume Ulefone S10 Pro · 3 months ago · From merar

the system of ule fone are not running, it only display the ule fone s10 powered by android then if off and it back the display again is ule fone....

Call settings/issues/malfunctions Ulefone Armor 6 · 3 months ago · From StormyNightWish

What 4G USA provider is recommended? I currently have AT&T through net10. I'm missing several calls. They go straight to voicemail or ring a...

How do I get the back off to out the Sim in im Ulefone S10 Pro · 3 months ago · From Julie

How do I put the Sim in a unifone s10 pro

Unlock phone Ulefone Gemini Pro · 4 months ago · From Dgood86

I forgot my pin to unlock my phone

problems with PTT use Ulefone Armor 3 · 4 months ago · From Paolo

on Armor 3 how to disable startup Intercom tarmite long press PTT while leaving PTT use for conversation, as use of PTT with Zello causes automatic...

Problems with the screen that stops responding to the. Ulefone Armor 6 · 4 months ago · From Eisen

It is very powerful does not stick with anything, there are only problems with the screen that stops responding to the. How to identify the...

Intallation Widgets on homescreen Ulefone S1 Pro · 4 months ago · From Ziegel

When I push the homescreen for a few seconds the configurationscreen pops up. I want to install a widget on my homescreen that predicts the...

Calls Ulefone S1 Pro · 4 months ago · From Fonefuker

Can not hear calls when ringing out and when someone calls says phone not responding? B​​​​​​I​​​​​U

Watermakk Armor6 Ulefone Armor 6 · 4 months ago · From kokokal

Can you help me with setting Armor6 - all photos have a watermark. Is it possible to turn off the watermark? Thank you