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Ulefone Armor 5 - Activate slot 2 tf card I've tried to go into memory_ storage and it back s me out. How do I activate TF card for extended memory
0 Wheeler 0 9
Ulefone Armor 5 - Screenshot? How to take a screenshot
0 Wheeler 0 10
Ulefone Armor 3 - How to close open app s I have a number of applications open and can't find how to close them down
0 Wheeler 0 6
Ulefone Armor 3 - can't make calls when I have put my simcard in I reboot and call top up number it comes up but then a pop UUP comes up saying mobile network not available and cuts...
0 doris 0 9
Ulefone Armor 6E - Screenshot stops saving When I trying to save a screenshot a notification "Saving screenshot..." may stay forever and no screenshot will be taken. It works as expected in...
0 Alexey 0 10
Ulefone Note 7P - phone is connected to WiFi Try to make callphone tells me No mobile signal connect to a WiFi.The phone is connected already and the phone is set to WiFi call 
0 Addison 0 19
Ulefone Armor 5 - texting when i copy and paste a text to the same person. it dose not paste that copy but another text has been pasted in the text box. to open my...
0 rolster 0 19
Ulefone Armor 3W - Antenna Will it do anything if I put the antenna I bought on the armor 3w?
0 Jasonhgghf 0 17
Ulefone S10 Pro - Can't transfer photos from my phone. Hi,I can't transfer any files from my phone to my computer. Although my computer does recognize my phone when the USB is connected there are no...
0 Coxy06 0 222
Ulefone S10 Pro - Can't transfer photos to my computer Hi. I am trying to transfer photos from my phone to my computer. However, although my computer recognizes my phone there are no files showing up at...
0 Coxy06 0 732
Ulefone Armor X - contacts save location change Hi there.Just saved a contact on an Armor x3 and selected  the google account.Trouble is that's not where I want them stored. I have tried...
0 Grandalf 0 88
Ulefone Armor 6E - my phone doesn't turn on its always restarting my phone doesn't turn on its always restarting im even unable to turn it off ,so i try to start rebooting it to factory settings but after choose...
0 Bistro 0 48
Ulefone S10 Pro - Wake Up screen Hoe to wake up blank screen
0 Janny 0 73
Ulefone S10 Pro - Wake Up screen Hoe to wake up blank screen
0 Janny 0 48
Ulefone Armor 6E - Vibration Hi there, recently purchased this and have found that it is vibrating randomly with incoming/outgoing calls. I have gone through numerous...
0 Rowan 0 67
Ulefone Armor 6 - Very dark screen Why is my phone screen extremely dark when the bright on it is at 100% and how do I fix it?
0 Tee 0 41
Ulefone Note 7 - How can I use my data from my sim so my phone has internet Only has internet when I signed up with wifi but my sim has unlimited internet and I put the data on but still dosent work
0 Davill 0 72
0 janardan 0 70
Ulefone Note 7 - How can I add a new network for WIFI? It's only "saving" it It's a network that is hidden. It's only saving it, but it does not connect to it. .HELP 
0 frescochan 0 43
Ulefone Note 7 - and why the phone numbers have not been updated, but also in our Estonian     why some features do not work as needed try how you don't want for example alarm not wake up when phone is turned off and even when phone is on...
0 hallhunt1 0 43
Ulefone Armor 3W - sim card I put the sim card in the phone and the little metal jacket that goes over it won't snap down now and hold it in place.  The phone won't read...
0 kbranch24 0 143
Ulefone Armor 5 - Face recognition When I click on face recognition in my settings and click on set up the next screen I get has pattern, pin etc but nothing about face recognition...
0 Leebone 0 66
Ulefone Armor 3W - Adaptive brightness / Proximity Sensor If I turn on adaptive brightness, after a few hours the proximity sensor will stop working and the screen will stay on when I make or receive a...
3 Speedbot 3 281
Ulefone Note 7 - Firmware issue Hi, I'm having problems running antivirus software on my note7, it shuts down whenever another app runs or when the phone is off! Kaspersky has had...
0 Cheese 0 141
Ulefone Armor 3W - No text Not receiving all my my text
0 Rwcj1 0 175
Ulefone Note 7P - Phone won't charge My little sister got the Ulefone for Christmas. It's been a cracking little bit of kit thus far, but today it died and now won't charge at all....
0 Digibro 0 114
Ulefone Note 7P - no 4G i don't seem to get 4G, i know the carrier has 4G mobile data, i had bad reception in the mountain region, so i set preferred network type to 3G,...
0 papa 0 95
Ulefone Armor 6 - Some of my contacts try to call me and it just rangs once, and hang up. When some of my contatcs try to call me, it rings once, and then just hangs up. It's not all of my contacts, just a few of them... If I dont...
0 Nodic 0 81
Ulefone Note 7 - Transfer photos HiI've plugged my phone into my laptop so I can transfer photos store on my phone. The ulefone image appears on my PC- when I click on it it says...
0 Loulouv 0 213
Ulefone Armor 5 - usb usb drivers to connect to laptop
0 Proeto 0 83