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Ulefone Armor 6 - Some of my contacts try to call me and it just rangs once, and hang up. When some of my contatcs try to call me, it rings once, and then just hangs up. It's not all of my contacts, just a few of them... If I dont...
0 Nodic 0 5
Ulefone Note 7 - Transfer photos HiI've plugged my phone into my laptop so I can transfer photos store on my phone. The ulefone image appears on my PC- when I click on it it says...
0 Loulouv 0 19
Ulefone Armor 5 - usb usb drivers to connect to laptop
0 Proeto 0 15
Ulefone Note 7 - Why won’t my phone upload photos in messages? When I receive a photo in my messages it will not upload. 
1 Jasmineo21 1 32
Ulefone Armor 3W - proximity sensor failed? My Ulefone Armor 3W worked great for a few months, but I am now having problems with the proximity sensor.  First the sensor failed to detect...
0 twrx08 0 56
Ulefone Note 7P - moving files Hi allI would like to know how to move files within the SD card.I work for a company which sends me my payslips via email, I download them to my SD...
0 fiveskinz 0 42
Ulefone S1 - Safe mode How can I remove this as it won't allow me to download apps
0 tbone 0 18
Ulefone Power 5 - Can't have access to my plan Want I put my sim card in the brand new phone it's initialized ok but still don't have access to my 4g internet, can't call or can't even text or...
0 Ldemon 0 54
Ulefone Armor 6 - outbound caller ID I cannot find the outbound setting options. Where are they? AndroidUlefone Armor 6EThank you
0 MtnHeather 0 31
Ulefone S8 Pro - signing in when opening i,m ask to first put my password in, then it comes on it then asks me to swipe to unlock and put my password in again which it will...
0 percydigwell 0 27
Ulefone P6000 Plus - Alarm clock Hello! I set on an alarm for example 8 pm and the device is getting me up half an hour before the set. What can i do to make it right? 
0 Angelika 0 55
Ulefone Armor 5 - Receiver unable to hear Receiver unable to hear caller  voice when call made. Only able to hear if call made was put on speaker instead. Please help. Thank you. 
0 Arlynnaben 0 21
Ulefone Note 7P - I can't syncronize the (microSD HC) sd card. My  card works well in another phones, my files are available, but it doesn't work with Ulefone Note 7p. I tried everything in the settings,...
0 Gal 0 40
Ulefone Armor 2 - wont let me sign on when the phone restarted it requires I type in my password but the key board doesn't come up.Ive tried to restart it
0 Firetrucker 0 24
Ulefone Note 7 - cant pick up mobile data hi,i have ulefone note 7 mobile phone.when i go on to mobile data my sky sim card wont pick up the mobile data?when i try other sim cards from...
0 mrpips1 0 73
Ulefone Note 7P - Camera has dissapeared My camera app stopped working and would instantly crash when i opened it on my phone, i couldn't use it on any other apps like snapchat, instagram...
0 Aidankeavy 0 56
Ulefone Note 7P - SD card not showing up even after a reboot Put a new SD card in and nothing showing in the settings then storage. I know the card is working I have tested it in 2 other devices.I don't get...
0 Didz671 0 47
Ulefone Armor 6E - Caller ID Can't find Caller ID Settings 
0 MtnHeather 0 25
Ulefone Note 7P - SIM card not recognised I have inserted the sim card after the initial phone set up, and now cannot get the phone to recognise the SIM card. Advice welcome, please.
0 NickyG 0 69
Ulefone X - How do I add an apn I cannot add an APN.  IIT WILL NOT ALLOW
0 Barbwire 0 21
Ulefone Note 7 - Can't set Gmail notifications not receiving emails New phone got yesterday inserted sim everything working fine apart from not getting g mails or g mail notifications tried all sorts to get it...
0 Debs1956 0 20
Ulefone P6000 Plus - how do I set up new APN settings difficulty setting up new APN settings 
0 JK1 0 50
Ulefone Note 7P - how to record trying to record two parties conversion?
0 Darkwolf2502 0 15
Ulefone Armor 6 - Help with my phone What can I do if my phone screen get frozen every two seconds.? Please help me.!!I need tecnical support. 
0 Orgalim1900 0 34
Ulefone Note 7P - How do I turn on flash How can I turn on flash for camera? No icon, no mention in settings
0 Bonnieauldie 0 33
Ulefone Note 7 - need to put network message centre number into my mms settings Can't put message centre number into mms settings as it doesn't show message centre 
0 Prb5962 0 20
Ulefone Armor L - Which sim card slot do I use? I have a new sim card from EE.  Which slot do I use.  there are 3 possibilities on the card. 
0 Rick2 0 68
Ulefone Note 7P - Unlock Want to use my boost mobile sim 
0 Michael77 0 19
Ulefone S10 Pro - Photo watermark Is it possible to stop the photo watermark ("Taken on S10 pro") from being shown when taking pictures. I do not want to have to crop the picture at...
0 socketman 0 96
Ulefone Note 7P - Phone as media device on pc How to transfer files between pc and note 7p
0 Davywatson 0 55