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Ulefone Note 7 - Why ain't my phone letting me send texts messages through sms When I go on messages on my phone and push send it just says Not sent tap to try again what's wrong it won't let me text 
0 Tjbeal420 0 9
Ulefone Note 7 - My outgoing texts aren’t sending Hi,I can received text messages but cannot send them. However I can send and receive phone calls so it doesn’t appear to be a network or signal...
1 lonelyhours 1 20
Ulefone Note 7 - Charging My phone is saying it's charging even when there is no charger in the phone, and when there is a charger in the phone the power is going down...
1 Harkess41 1 16
Ulefone Note 7 - Transferring ALL data from my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Before even taking my SIM card out of my Samsung and putting it into my new Ulefone Note 7, am I able to transfer absolutely everything from the... Solved
3 JakeElwood62 3 25
Ulefone U008 Pro - mobil data how do i set it i cant get on to internet when out and about.
1 alex1957 1 18
Ulefone Note 7P - How to turn off an app I don't know how to close an app. Opening one is easy but how do I close it?
1 techdumb 1 20
Ulefone Armor 3W - Ulefone Armor 3W stopped charging I received an update for the phone and now it will not take a charge, I have tried different cables and chargers and none of them work.
1 Pike1892 1 53
Ulefone Note 7P - loading a new app I have plenty of internal and SD card storage (82GB) but whenever I try to load a new app I am told I have no storage available
1 Lordie56 1 20
Ulefone Note 7P - how do I connect to pc using usb cable I am using a usb to connect to my pc . At first the phone shows up on the computer but I cannot see any files or upload anything. 
1 altdelette 1 66
Ulefone S10 Pro - Unbrick Ulefone S10 Pro Hi thereI managed to brick an Ulefone S10 Pro by trying to flash a rom onto it which ended in a brief error message and then the screen went...
1 Hellfirehound 1 952
Ulefone Note 7 - My conversation partner can't help me Suddenly people can't hear me on calls but I can hear them plus video has no playback sound
1 Vickib10 1 77
Ulefone Armor 3W - may i know have sell this type of screw hi . i looking for this screw swt for ulfone armous 3w may i know where  get sell ? 
1 mandalin890 1 78
Ulefone Armor - Mobile data disconnected/ not working Just purchased the Ulfone Armor 7e but the mobile data appears not to be connected.  I have checked with my provider and tried the sim in...
1 Cardiffman 1 187
Ulefone Armor 3W - help how to change the battery on my ulefone3w
1 sylviaW2 1 76
Ulefone Note 7P - How to make alarm go off when done is off I want to make my alarm go off while my phone is switched off but I don't know how to.
1 Eseumudi 1 75
Ulefone S1 - Data connection only no in or out going calls or text messages Carnt ring or text out carnt receive either to just goes to answer machine.
3 Kay09 3 100
Ulefone Note 7P - No sound for ringtones Hi,My phone does not make a sound for incoming calls, which means I miss all calls. It does not vibrate or ring.I have done a lot of solutions...
1 Nibbler99miles 1 114
Ulefone S1 - music how do i down load music to my fone?
1 livspar 1 62
Ulefone Note 7P - Does it have a notification light Hello do ulefone note 7p have a notification light as if yes I can't not find it on mine mobile thank you 
1 Paula6666 1 116
Ulefone Power 6 - How to delete old text messages? I cannot find how to delete old text messages please advise
3 GeorgeHenry1920 3 81
Ulefone Note 7P - Can I add an APN? Mobile data not working. Can I add an APN on a ulefone 7p?
1 Waves 1 146
Ulefone Note 7 - Using Sd card Hi there, I am trying to work out how to use the SD card and move files into this. Can you help please? 
1 Chazb77 1 167
Ulefone Note 7 - Unable to call and received calls Woulf hear and see the call but not ser the personThe call stops for a few minutes and then resumes 
1 Belgrave 1 107
Ulefone Armor 3W - Sim card tray removal/ scratched screen HelloHow do I get the Sim card slot on back of phone out?Just pull with fingernail?should I be careful? Also the screen protector cracked...
1 Izaz 1 167
Ulefone S1 - WhatsApp notification The settings change itself back everytime I set them
4 Milly 4 102
Ulefone S1 - Phone can't detect SIM card Insert nanoSIM card into slot and phone says 'NO SIM detected'. How do I solve the problem? Solved
2 Al30 2 163
Ulefone Armor 6 - Blurry Camera The camera quality is awful. I have tried different camera apps and the pictures are never ever sharp
1 Antikris 1 70
Ulefone Note 7 - SIM card issue Inserting new Nano sim but not being picked up in slot 1.  Tried on my iPhone and no problem Immediately requesting pin code. 
1 Delboy 1 352
Ulefone Armor 6E - mp3 How do I tranfer songs from my desktop computer to the ulephone armor 6e..  Eventually I want the songs to be played on android auto.  I...
0 Fredy 0 73
Ulefone S10 Pro - Vibration My phone stopped vibrating and yet vibration settings are on. What can i do? 
1 Lucy 1 436