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Ulefone Armor 6 - Some of my contacts try to call me and it just rangs once, and hang up. When some of my contatcs try to call me, it rings once, and then just hangs up. It's not all of my contacts, just a few of them... If I dont...
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Ulefone Armor 6 - outbound caller ID I cannot find the outbound setting options. Where are they? AndroidUlefone Armor 6EThank you
0 MtnHeather 0 33
Ulefone Armor 6 - Help with my phone What can I do if my phone screen get frozen every two seconds.? Please help me.!!I need tecnical support. 
0 Orgalim1900 0 37
Ulefone Armor 6 - Call settings/issues/malfunctions What 4G USA provider is recommended? I currently have AT&T through net10. I'm missing several calls. They go straight to voicemail or ring a...
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Ulefone Armor 6 - Problems with the screen that stops responding to the. It is very powerful does not stick with anything, there are only problems with the screen that stops responding to the. How to identify the...
2 Eisen 2 210
Ulefone Armor 6 - Watermakk Armor6 Can you help me with setting Armor6 - all photos have a watermark. Is it possible to turn off the watermark? Thank you  
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Android 9

Explained step by step - 177 simulator instructions
  1. First Steps

    1. Set Up

    2. Home screen

  2. Settings

    1. Accessibility

    2. Wi-Fi

    3. Mobile network

    4. Battery

    5. Display

    6. Sound

    7. Storage

    8. Security & Location

    9. Clock

    10. System

    11. Miscellaneous

  3. Apps

    1. Google Mail

    2. Chrome

    3. Messages

    4. Play store

    5. Camera

    6. Contacts

    7. Phone

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Ulefone Armor 6: Specifications
Display6.2 Inch - IPS
ProcessorMediatek Helio P60
Memory 6 GB
Internal storage 128 GB
Camera21 + 13 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 9 Pie
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