My Ulefone Armor 3W worked great for a few months, but I am now having problems with the proximity sensor.  First the sensor failed to detect closeness to my face, so the screen would stay on during phone calls and I would be pressing the # touch pad with my face.  I tried to recalibrate using the settings menu(many times), did not work.  Performed a factory reset, and also Downloaded a third party sensor recalibration app, none of witch worked.  So i made phone call with the phone a few inches from my face.  But now the sensor appears to be stuck activated, so whenever Im in a phone call the screen is stuck black.  I cannot enter a PIN for voicemail, or touch end to terminate a call(there is nothong to touch, just a black screen whenever a phone call is active)  Is there any fix? Please Help!

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I have the same problem with my Ulephone Armor 3w. Actually the light sensor and the proximity sensor both failed. I tried all sorts of things including rooting the device and running "Proximity Sensor Reset" app. But nothing worked. However I did finally get mine working again. Here's how...1. Charge phone fully to 100%2. Disconnect USB power lead3. Switch phone off completely4. Leave completely switched off for sixty seconds5. Switch back on again.Both sensors started working again, just like magic! Note that it is important that the phone is actually in the completely off state for some time. It is NOT enough just to reboot.Seems this is a workaround more than a permanent fix. The sensors have stopped working several times since I discovered this trick. They are more prone to stopping when the battery is lower than about 75%. But when they stop working, simply repeat the 5 steps listed above.

You may also wish to install some sort of sensor tester too. My favourite is the open source PhyPhox app by University of Aachen. It is free, has no hidden nasties, no in-app purchases and no trackers. Most importantly, PhyPhox works really well. The light sensor can be tested using the "Light" entry in the "Raw Sensors" section. To test the proximity sensor, use the "Proximity Stopwatch" item in the "Timers" section.https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.rwth_aachen.phyphox/I would like to hear from any other Ulephone 3W owner to see if this trick works for you?


Seems this site's text editor scrambled my answer. Here is the important bit again...

1. Charge phone fully to 100%

2. Disconnect USB power lead

3. Switch phone off completely

4. Leave completely switched off for sixty seconds

5. Switch back on again.

I would like to hear from any other Ulephone 3W owner to see if this trick works for you?


I had the same problem and what you suggested above worked for me - thanks!

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