Ulefone Note 7

Ulefone Note 7
Why won’t my phone upload photos in messages?

When I receive a photo in my messages it will not upload. 

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Answer from AmberTal3

I have the same problem. This phone runs on the most basic technology. It doesn't allow me to use Google Pay or several other apps because the phone is "incapable". Unfortunately, this phone is a piece of crap. I wish I didn't waste the money on it.

Android 8

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  1. First Steps

  2. Homescreen

  3. Settings

    1. Storage

    2. System

      1. Miscellaneous

      2. Accessibility

      3. Battery

      4. Language & input

      5. Date & time

      6. Security & Location

      7. Sound

      8. Display

    3. Network & Internet

      1. USB

      2. Bluetooth

      3. WIFI

      4. Mobile network

  4. Functions

    1. Mail

    2. Alarm

    3. Camera

    4. Contacts

    5. Messages

    6. Calls

  5. Apps

    1. Google Play Store

    2. Chrome

    3. Settings

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Ulefone Note 7: Specifications
Display6.1 Inch - TFT
ProcessorMediatek MT6580
Memory 1 GB
Internal storage 16 GB
Camera8 + 2 Megapixel
SoftwareAndroid 8.1 (Go-Edition) Oreo
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